24 January 2012

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Filesonic Fileserve 11 File sharing sites ban file sharing or closed is it end of file sharing

Filesonic Fileserve 11 File sharing sites ban file sharing or closed is it end of file sharing

USA took the action on Mega upload site and got them arrested in New Zealand.

The case is very complicated and the result of the case will create a historic judgment.

As it involves many factors, more than 2 countries, accused from different nations,
Place of the crime material data location in different region etc.

After Mega upload shutdown other filing sharing sites have disabled 3rd party file sharing and even started to delete the data stored or kept by users.

Following is the list of sites that have disabled the third party file sharing.

1. Filesonic, a file-sharing site withdrew its affiliate rewards program, but also banned any third parties downloading files. As per new rules only users can now only download files from the service that they uploaded themselves.

2. Fileserve – a site file sharing banned third party sharing and stopped its affiliate rewards program

3. Uploaded. to – another site banned downloading from American ip addresses so they will not come under American jurisdiction.

4. Videobb – another site closed rewards programme and site may delete files

5. Videozer - site closed rewards programme and site may delete files

6. Filepost

7. uploadstation

8. Filejungle

9. Uploadbox

10. x7.to

11. 4shared another site cancelled affiliate program

Is it the end of file sharing business?

The business will become underground.

The file sharing business will become more personal.

Today or tomorrow all governments will join hands to control everything
Business houses are globally joining hands and they pressure the government by spending on them and helping them [lobbying ] and result is laws like sopa and pipa

Currently if you got any data on any website immediately get the back up of that data or download it again.

There is no guarantee the data will be safe.

Currently you can download files from

1. Filepost

2. depositfiles

So download and save your files on your own hd or pen drive or other media.
if you know the status of any other file sharing website please mention it in the comment.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Dreadnaught January 24, 2012  

This needs to stop. Governments are out of control

H.R. 1981 The bill thats worse then SOPA or PIPA

OperationGlobalBlackout - Retaliation for Megaupload take down

How to beat SOPA/PIPA/ACTA & H.R.1981

FindFiles.net January 24, 2012  

This is really a tremendous reorganization of the file-hosting sector. It may lead to a comeback of public files. Public files are available my the millions in the web, may now look more attractive given that is so much easier to find and download them using generic file search engines.

lina@women's perspectives January 24, 2012  

I've just heard the news. Hope there will be a win win solution.

Anonymous,  January 24, 2012  

needful information

thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog

virendra sharma January 24, 2012  

Thanks for this update.

sm,  January 24, 2012  

Dreadnaught, thanks.
lina@women's perspectives,thanks.
veerubhai, thanks.

Destination Infinity January 25, 2012  

Many file sharing sites host copyrighted material, without the consent of the publishers/ media companies involved. I don't think taking action against them is totally wrong. What the guys opposing the SOPA/ PIPA are fighting against is, they don't want the Govt to take a site down without any evidence or just because a media company wants to. Everyone deserves a fair trial before a verdict can be executed. That's what people are fighting for. But we need to understand that piracy is killing creativity.

Destination Infinity