27 December 2011

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Rs.500 Crore bailout Package to Private Companies BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna Don’t pay dues to government we will pay you to pay your debt

Rs.500 Crore bailout Package to Private Companies BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna
Don’t pay dues to government we will pay you to pay your debt

Monday –
Government agreed to infuse equity worth Rs 500 crore in the two companies
That is private distribution companies BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna.

Private distribution companies BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna
Together, the two BSES companies have defaulted on payments of over Rs 3,000 Crore.
Both companies received a number of warnings from generation and transmission companies.

On December 4, state-run NTPC had threatened to stop supply to Delhi over outstanding dues of Rs 194 crore.

After this Delhi Government intervene and NTPC gave the BSES discoms time till January 7 to clear payments.

CM Sheila Dikshit's said that "We have taken a decision (to help the discoms) to ensure that power cut place in the city. We discussed the issue with the Centre before taking the decision,"

2 companies are suffering losses?
First government should take full control of such companies and should appoint efficient IAS officers as the Chairman and director of such companies who fail to pay the dues.

Not doing this government has decided to pay them money and guarantee so they can continue doing their style of business.

Whose money Government will pay to these companies?
It is your money and it the money of every Indian citizen.

Ever heard a farmer do not have money and he got paid by government.

Ever heard a in a cold citizens are dying and Government provided them good shelter.

If we Indian citizens do not pay the electricity bill of Rs. 100 they come immediately and cut the electricity of our home.

But when same thing happens with the rich, they do nothing just keep sending reminders.

When companies default do you think the FIR should be lodged against them and those companies be declared government companies for not paying dues and they should be auctioned of to other companies who are running in profits who will pay the dues and run those companies?

Do you think the action of government to pay Rs.500 Crore to companies who do not pay dues so they can pay due is right action?

Reality views by sm –
Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Urmi December 27, 2011  

I always gain knowledge visiting your posts.

Teamgsquare December 30, 2011  

With whom is this company associated . Any political background of the company .

SM January 07, 2012  

@Team G Square

thanks.i have to found the correct information.but i think its related with big business houses of India not sure.

Price in India March 25, 2012  

i am manmeet singh maken living on this current address for past 1.5 years.my electricity bill comes around (600 to 1000) in winters for two months and 2000 to 2500 for two months in summers. last month my bill came to Rs 1720/-i didnt received this bill .this month my bill came to Rs 4110/-. I was shocked to see this.immediately i called (BSES DELHI)customer care ,they told me that your meter load has been enhanced from 1kwh to 3 kwh. and your this month bill includes load enhancement charges of Rs 1200/- again i was shocked.they enhanced the load without my notice.how can they do this.this is a very irresponsible behaviour of bses delhi.this company is doing as they like .no one is able to stop them from doing this to the customers.im a middle income group man my salary is fix how can i bear this expense.this is my request please
look into this matter so that innocent customer should not be robbed by these companies.
Copy also uploaded in http://www.consumercourt.in/electricity/61198-electricity-load-enhanced-without-my-knowledge-bses-delhi.html
my connection details are below:
Name :jamuna dass
CA no.:100588833
CRN no.:1140069460

Thanks & Regards
Manmeet singh Maken

manish August 24, 2012  

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