27 December 2011

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Ill Anna Hazare Says Time to Sacrifice for Nation First Day of Debate on Lokpal in Parliament The big great Indian debate or drama

Ill Anna Hazare Says Time to Sacrifice for Nation First Day of Debate on Lokpal in Parliament
The big great Indian debate or drama

On one side for the nation Anna is on fast, Anna is sick still he is fighting for you and me.

On other side Servants of India that is Mps are debating on the weak Lokpal Bill.

Remember this debate is happening only because of Anna Hazare

Anna while addressing the Country said that now people know about the Janlokpal bill and we have to press their nose then they will open mouth, this means that if we Indian citizens will put the pressure on Politicians then they will make the strong Jan Lokpal Bill otherwise we will not get the bill or bill will not be strong.

Anna also said that he will go to 5 states and will tell people not to vote the party who did not bring good strong Lokpal Bill.
Elections are coming. We should campaign against the government in all the 5 states where elections are scheduled,"

Anna said once this fight is over we will have to start the fight for the Right to Reject.

Anna said be prepare yourself for 2nd Struggle of Independence to make India a corruption free nation.

Kiran Bedi while addressing the Country at MMRDA ground said that
"Anna has fever, let us request him to stop his fast.
Anna is doing fast on MMRDA ground.

From Last three days Anna is ill he is suffering from cold and fever.

But still he is fighting for the India and strong Lokpal bill.

The UPA has 287 members in the Lok Sabha, which is enough to pass the Lokpal Bill.
But still congress has brought the weak Lokpal bill this is reason its right when Anna says he will campaign against the government.

But in the Rajya Sabha, the UPA is in a minority.

Tuesday that is today Government introduced the weak Lokpal for debate in Parliament and in first round only opposition parties said that withdraw the bill and bring new bill as the bill is very weak and the is Lokpal is for the Government and not for the common man.

Few parties do not bring Lokayuktas in their state where they are in power but they say they want a strong Lokpal and Lokayuktas.

Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj said that this bill is weak and full of deficiencies and
said that send this bill to standing committee or accept the amendments.

She further said that the bill has religion based reservation and it will sow the seeds of

Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj also said questioned about the bullet proof safe guards provided to PM -
Provision for in-camera proceedings and disallowing making public these proceedings even through RTI.

Swaraj said, adding, "Send Lokpal Bill again to Parliamentary Standing Committee for further discussion and return it after 2-3 months."

Remember Debate is debate once it’s over everyone forgets who said what there is no important to debate.

Reality is no politician wants a Lokpal who will stop them or monitor their actions to keep check on them so that they will not do corruption or favor some companies and do the corruption.

Donate to my organization or party or trust and your illegal job will done by making it legal
As I am the law maker.

This is how corruption happens. This is just one example.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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