22 November 2011

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Top 20 Indian Banks and their NPA Assets Know what is NPA in banking terms

Top 20 Indian Banks and their NPA Assets Know what is NPA in banking terms

What is the meaning of NPA in banking terms?
Definition of NPA?

When the borrower has failed to make interest or principal payments for 90 days the loan is considered to be a non-performing asset or is called as non-performing loan.

If payments are late for a short time a loan is classified as past due. Once a payment becomes really late (usually 90 days) the loan classified as non-performing.

Above conditions are not good for banks as banks depend on interest also.
It is from the interest payments than a bank makes its profits.

Non-performing assets, also called non-performing loans are given by Banks or finance companies and repayments or interest payments are not being made on time.

Following is the list of 20 top Indian Banks and their NPAs assets.

1 –
ICICI Bank has the highest NPAs among private sector banks.

Net NPAs: Rs 2,407.36 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 10,034.26 crore

State Bank of India
Net NPAs: Rs 12,347.90 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 25,326.29 crore

State Bank of Patiala
Net NPAs: Rs 620.77 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 1,381.68 crore

State Bank of Hyderabad
Net NPAs: Rs 562.72 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 1,150.45 crore

Bank of India
Net NPAs: Rs 1944.99 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 4,811.55 crore

Bank of Baroda
Net NPAs: Rs 790.88 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,152.50 crore

Union Bank of India
Net NPAs: Rs 1,803.44 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,622.82 crore

Punjab National Bank
Net NPAs: Rs 2,038.63 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 4,379.39 crore

Indian Overseas Bank
Net NPAs: Rs 1,328.42 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,089.59 crore

Oriental Bank of Commerce
Net NPAs: Rs 938.15 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 1,920.54 crore

Canara Bank
Net NPAs: Rs 2,347.33 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,089.21 crore

UCO Bank
Net NPAs: Rs 1,824.55 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,150.36 crore

Net NPAs: Rs 1,677.91 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 2,784.73 crore

Vijaya Bank
Net NPAs: Rs 741.16 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 1,355.78 crore

Syndicate Bank
Net NPAs: Rs 1,030.84 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 2,598.97 crore

Central Bank of India
Net NPAs: Rs 847 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 2,394 crore

United Bank of India
Net NPAs: Rs 757.41 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 1,355.78 crore

Allahabad Bank
Net NPAs: Rs 736.37 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 1,647.92 crore

Bank of Maharashtra
Net NPAs: Rs 618. 95 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 1,173.70 crore

Dena Bank
Net NPAs: Rs 54.89 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 842.24 crore

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Source: RBI NPA figures are for the year ended March 2011


Saru Singhal November 22, 2011  

Thanks for this post, helped in brushing up my memory. And thanks for sharing the list as well...

Teamgsquare November 23, 2011  

Canara Bank is not in list .

BK Chowla, November 23, 2011  

Pl read my post on the same subject --- NPAs

sm,  November 23, 2011  

Team G,,thanks.
11 No. is Canara Bank.

BK chowla,,thanks.

Kirtivasan Ganesan November 24, 2011  

Millions of Indian should taken one-one rupee loan. They will not be able to repay in 90 days as 25p is not there.
Needless to say such people will enjoy themselves with cooking gas and all in their homes!