18 November 2011

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Films TV smoking Government tighten norms making it difficult to show smoking scenes in old or new TV shows, Movies

Films TV smoking Government tighten norms making it difficult to show smoking scenes in old or new TV shows, Movies

Government of India has decided to tighten norms for on screen smoking.

The Government of India has also decided to place a representative of health Ministry in the Central Board of Film Certification [CBFC] to monitor check such scenes from now on.

The films which will show heavy use of Tobacco Products may get A Certificate.

I do not agree that one more person be there to check the smoking scenes from Government side.

We must trust the CBFC officials. He will check the smoking scenes or he will check the content of Movie, political messages what exactly he will monitor it’s the question we must ask?

From November 14 no programme or film can easily show smoking scenes or any other tobacco products.

Government thinks that when boys and girls see the smoking shots in TV or Films that encourages them to smoke.

Thus to reduce the influence and reduce tobacco consumption ,smoking among Indians the Union Ministry of health and family has made it compulsory to have health spots and scrolls to have health spots and scrolls talking about ill effects of tobacco compulsory in all old and new films and TV shows showing smoking scenes..

Thus now on all on screen programs old or new TV shows or Films must have strong editorial justification for showing of tobacco products and the actor concerned must give a disclaimer of 20 seconds each regarding the bad effects of the use of such products.

This disclaimer warning has to be used in the beginning and middle of the film or the TV shows.

The film and TV shows must also show strong anti tobacco health spots or messages of minimum 30 seconds duration each at the beginning and middle of the film or the TV show.

Besides a strong anti tobacco health warning must be there as a scroll at the bottom of the screen during the period of such smoking scene.

All old movies or TV shows produced before November 14, 2011 must be shown to be telecasted at such timings that are likely to have minimum viewer ship.
They also must carry show anti tobacco health spots to messages and anti tobacco health warnings.

To restrict the display of tobacco brands in old films and TV shows the new rules make it mandatory, compulsory to crop or mask display of brands of Cigarettes or any other tobacco product, their close-ups.

In news films and TV shows such scenes have to be edited or blurred by the producer before the screening.

The ban on display of tobacco products or its usage also extends to promotional materials and posters as well.

I do not think TV is only responsible for increase in use of smoking and tobacco products.

Best solution is increasing the taxes and increases the prices of tobacco products.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

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chitra November 18, 2011  

sm, this rule was there sometime ago but it was never implemented properly. Only for a weeks at that time there were messages scrolling when the smoking scenes appeared. But it disappeared soon..Will it be same again

Neil Mclaren November 18, 2011  

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kalaiselvisblog November 18, 2011  

If they followed this rule strictly then it will be much good.... nice one...

Saru Singhal November 18, 2011  

I don't understand why our Government is becoming the moral police. If they are so worried than stop making products in the country which BTW gives maximum excise. Kids these days are so independent that they do whatever they love to. It's a choice.

Destination Infinity November 18, 2011  

Its an excellent choice, in-spite of people thinking of it as 'moral policing'. Its a universal fact that tobacco and alcohol are bad for health and projecting the hero's using them might influence kids in the wrong way. I appreciate the Govt for this move and wonder how many countries can actually act so affirmatively.

Destination Infinity

SM November 18, 2011  

Saru Singhal,thanks.
Destination Infinity,thanks.