16 November 2011

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Alphabets lucky colors years features of Rashi Kumbha or Aquarius Mina or Pisces

Alphabets lucky colors years features of Rashi Kumbha or Aquarius Mina or Pisces

Know the zodiac sign according to the Indian Lunar Calendar.
Lunar month has 29 or 30 days.

In India its tradition to keep the name of babies as per their Rashi and seeing his stars at the time of birth.

So if you know the name of the person then you can easily know his Rashi.
Just read the following chart and compare the first alphabet of the person’s name.

11-Kumbha or Aquarius –

Alphabets –
Gu, Goo, Ghu ,Gey, Gay, Ghe ,Go, Gau, Gho ,Sa, Sha ,Si,
See, Shi, Shee ,Su, Soo, Shu, Shoo ,Say, Shaa ,So, Sho

Features –
This Rashi sign consists of last two charans of Dhanishta ,Shatbhisha complete and
the first three charans of Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatras.
They love freedom
They are imaginative,
They serious and spiritual in nature.
They are kind and helpful.
They tend to hide their character
They are attracted to the opposite sex.
They do not make friends easily but like the friends they have.
They are afraid of sins.
They acquire friends of higher status and caliber.
They are emotional
They are affected with headaches,indigestion and stomach irregularities.
They are religious
They are gentlemen.
They have to travel for their livelihood
They have more than one source of income.

They are unprejudiced, frank,
They are tolerant, quick-witted,
They are practical, intuitive
They are imaginative.

Bad Years
:2,2 8 , 33, 48

Good Years:11, 25,3 5 , 46, 56

The favorable color is Blue

Nilam is lucky stone for them.

12- Mina or Pisces –

Alphabets –
Di, Dee ,Du, Doo ,Tha ,Jha, Ja ,Ana ,De, Day, De ,Do,
Dau ,Cha ,Chi, Chee

Features –
This Rashi comprises of the last charan of Poorvabhadrapada, complete Uttara-bhadrapada and Revti Nakshatras.
They are honest and innocent
Their thinking is logical
By nature they are lazy but versatile.
They are good writers.
They trust people.
They have simple life.
They are emotional rather than rational.
They have limited concentration and will power.
They are idle and careless.
They are afraid of sins.
They have good speculative power.
They are calm
They are cool by nature
They love traveling.

Bad Years
:8, 13,3 6 , 48

Good Years:
6, 12, 24,3 9 , 56

Yellow is favorable color

Guru (Topaz) is lucky stone.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Kiran @ KiranTarun.com November 17, 2011  

I used to read horoscopes so much, growing up. These days, not too much. Don't know whether I should believe it or just read it for fun :D

chitra November 17, 2011  

You are into astrology too...I haven't read earlier posts. Was away and busy with my work. Hope you are fine..

Anonymous,  November 18, 2011  

interesting information...

SM December 09, 2011  

Kiran @ KiranTarun.com, thanks.