02 November 2011

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Anna Hazare Complete Audit Report of IOA - for the period April 1st-September 30, 2011

Anna Hazare Complete Audit Report of IOA - for the period April 1st-September 30, 2011

During the past year the whole world has seen the strength of our democracy. The nation came together to fight graft and ask for a tough anti corruption mechanism.

We sincerely acknowledge all our countrymen and women across the world who participated in the movement in many ways. We feel pride and pleasure in narrating some facts of this movement.

During the past six months hundreds of thousands of people participated in various Jan Lokpal programmes across the country with their physical presence, thousands contributed financially too. 27,505 were number of contributors recorded by us. This number is actually higher since some contributions were offered by one individual after collecting from a neighborhood, village or group.

Ramlila Maidaan that witnessed the outpouring of patriotism with long queues of volunteers and donors. 25,023 people individually or as a group contributed at the Ramlila Maidaan counters.
It has been heart warming to note that 23,138 contributions were of Rs.1,000 or less. It has been humbling and moving to note that people with very limited resources contributed with sums like Rs. 1, – 2 – 5 of their hard earned money. This means more to us than millions stashed away illegally.
More than 400 contributions were of Rs. 10,000 or more.
The maximum contribution was of Rs. 25 lakh. The next was of Rs. 4 lakh and one of Rs. 3 lakh.
At Ramlila grounds the total cash contributions stood at Rs. 98,98,106. The total cheque contributions here stand at Rs.15,18,330.

While these figures are of no special significance in the accounting practice, they are special for us. This demonstrates the extent and depth of the Jan Lokpal movement. We salute you all, and the Indian in everyone who made this possible.

Below is the Complete audit report for the period April 1st-September 30, 2011

IAC Audit Report

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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BK Chowla, November 02, 2011  

Hope, now, congress will also put their details on the net

Destination Infinity November 02, 2011  

I really like the transparent approach of Team Anna. This is the right way to do things. Let us hope that God gives strength to people to fight graft collectively.

Destination Infinity

SM November 16, 2011  

BK chowla,,thanks.
Destination Infinity, thanks.