09 October 2011

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List of 20 Foods to increase Brainpower memory

List of 20 Foods to increase Brainpower memory

Know the names of 20 food items and include them in your daily diet to increase your memory power that is Brain power.

1) Avocado

2) Garlic

3) Eggs

4) Milk

5) Green color vegetables

6) Tomato

7) Blueberries

8) Wild Salmon

9) Nuts

10) Seeds - sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seed, and tahini

11) Tea – Helps if we drink in limit maximum daily 4 cups of tea

12) Coffee – helps if we drink in limit maximum daily 3 cups of Coffee

13) Oatmeal

14) Beans

15) Pomegranate

16) Brown Rice

17) Dark Chocolate

18) Oysters

19) Olive oil

20) Tuna

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

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Destination Infinity October 10, 2011  

Interesting post SM. The current education scenario might require students to have a high memory power, but I sincerely hope that such an education system will change. But hopefully these foods will help people with low memory power.

Destination Infinity

Usha October 10, 2011  

sm, Nice to read brain power enhancing food, all must take heath seriously..develop healthy eating habits..this food list inspired me to include few foods in my diet and I think two cups of tea and coffee is enough..4 cups of tea is a bit extra. Indian routine diet is covering almost 50% food from this list.

Arti October 10, 2011  

Dark Chocolate!! Students will love reading this post!

Rakesh Kumar October 10, 2011  

Good post SM. You have written the quantity limitation of tea and coffee only.Must have written quantity limitations of other foods also.

Renu October 10, 2011  

good info..thank god that four cups of tea are good:)

sm,  October 10, 2011  

Destination Infinity,thanks.
Rakesh Kumar thanks.thanks for suggestion i thought about that.

Kirtivasan Ganesan October 10, 2011  

Also, memory models like mnemonics may be good. Though for me making notes in question-answer manner helps.
Q.Is Telangana supported by all Andhraites?
A. No. Businessmen of Andhra Pradesh do not support it.(Economic Times).
You can be sure that question - answer model will work. Because it works for me. Also we have been studying all our schooldays using this model. So, you can be doubly sure.
I am sharing this technique with all of you guys. You may use it if you so wish.

Unknown October 31, 2012  

Efficient post having the content of the foods which going to Increase Memory Power of the brain and also very easy to have in our diet, Thank you.