24 October 2011

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Indian Student Prashant Cherkupalli to Get 600,000 $ for Human Rights Violation in Australia for wrongful detention

Indian Student Prashant Cherkupalli to Get 600,000 $ for Human Rights Violation in Australia for wrongful detention

ABC news reported that An Indian Prashant Cherkupalli, 31 years old went to Australia to get a job and get a permit and to settle down.

In 2004 Prashant Cherkupalli was detained by Australia's Department of Immigration
And Citizenship for working at a bakery in Western Sydney despite having "no work"
Condition on his visa.

After that he spent nearly 18 months in south-western Sydney's Villa wood Immigration
Detention Centre.
He was released in April 2006. Since then he has been living on bridging visas there.

After that he lodged a case with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Tom Mithieux from Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers is Mr. Cherkupalli's solicitor.

Cherkupalli's lawyer Tom Mithieux said that his detention was found by the Human Rights Commission to be an arbitrary detention and breached the Migration Act.
Lawyer said that he may be paid for the economic loss.

Prashant Cherkupalli came to Australia to study engineering but ended up spending almost 18 months in the Villa wood Detention Centre for working without a visa.

No Working Visa this is important Point here.

The Human Rights Commission has now found his detention breached the Migration Act

Human Rights Commissioner Catherine Branson found that Cherkupalli should be paid 597,000 dollars in compensation for the 509 days he was illegally detained.

"The commission also found Cherkupalli should be paid nearly 600,000 Australian dollars in compensation

Now the question is if same thing happens in India with an Indian citizen how much compensation you think he will get?

Do you think he will even dare to demand compensation from Government of India?

Thus point is we in India need to reform our laws and made them good and strict which will create the fear in the minds of Indian dishonest people as well as government babus.

Government Babus means government servants or officers.

100 Indian Rupees equal to 1.93 Australian Dollars

2 ASD = 100 Rs.
600,000 = 1200000

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Monday, October 24, 2011

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Saru Singhal October 25, 2011  

I think it's good. However, money can't compensate many things. But, it surely relieves you of some problems.


sm,  October 25, 2011