24 October 2011

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Does a criminal has a right to demand good laws for his country -

Does a criminal has a right to demand good laws for his country -

Now a days now and then we here that XYZ Person is a criminal or he is shown as a future criminal and intelligent Indians say that such people have no right to demand good laws for their country or talk about the honesty and such type of things.

Such a people who support the view that criminal or future criminal or alleged criminal person has no right to demand good laws for his country or demand good things from the government Such people are most uneducated persons in the India who never read or understand the Constitution of India, they are so uneducated that they even forgot the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Constitution of India has given fundamental rights to every Indian including a criminal minded Indian.

It’s the right of every Indian to demand good laws and good government from his politician.

If that Criminal person has a right to vote then he has a full right to demand good laws and good government or governance from his legislature.

For me in India I feel that No Indian is a criminal our system and our laws make us Criminal.

Majority Indians become criminal because of laws and our system that is how the government works and license raj.

On Every front government has failed in last 64 years that is because of Unity of politicians which is their beyond the closed doors which Indians do not realize or they just ignore thinking I am making good money, my kids are in good schools and thus they just ignore that and stay away from Politics and they even do not fear to support Politicians in their wrong agendas and laws and Ideas.

You are criminal don’t speak
Your friends are criminals don’t speak
Your son is criminal don’t speak

The above rules apply to only Indians who demand good laws for the Indians.

If we apply above rules to Politicians and their families how many such Politicians you will find.

Not a single Politician in India we can find

We must understand the idea behind the above statements and demands of Politicians is to keep the Indians away from Politicians.

Politicians feel that Politics is their family business and you should not speak or demand anything.

Just like slaves do the hard work and die one day this is what they expect from us.

If any honest Person tries to demand good laws and it is seen by criminals that that person is declared as alleged criminal.

Old age cases are found, his near and dear once are targeted to silence him and he gets branded as an alleged criminal or that fellow is not good person so he does not have a right to demand good laws.

Just remembered a story

Once a village people decide that XYZ girl is bad girl.
Then all village people start to throw stones on her and decide to kill her.

Then one of the educated person who see this asks them to stop throwing stones on the girl.

He asks the villagers if you have not done any crime in your past then only you should throw the stones.

Then one by one all the villagers leave that place and the girl gets saved.

Point is that we should only focus on good laws and discussions about good laws.

We should never talk about character of Person when we are making good laws for the India.

Bad, selfish and corrupt politicians will always try to change the topic of making good laws by using any means.

Thus they delay the process of making good laws and in the end because of foolish people who support such politicians Indians never get the good laws.

Be United for the making of good laws even if criminal is demanding good laws Support him.

Making good laws is a very long process and they benefit the next generations.

Good laws never benefit the criminal so if criminal is demanding good laws then remember and understand the criminal wants good life for his kids and your kids.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

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Renu October 24, 2011  

I agree, good laws are for the good of the country and anyone can demand.as everyone has a right to justice.

Urmi October 24, 2011  

Very well written. Wish you a very happy Diwali.

deeps October 24, 2011  

Interesting…that’s a debatable topic…
Well, everyone has the right to justice as a citizen, but then that ‘justice’ souldnt be for one’s covetous, destructive and vested interests…(our laws aren’t without loopholes)

sm,  October 24, 2011  

Happy Diwali

Irfanuddin October 26, 2011  

well..i personally feel that law n justice is for every one in the country irrespective of who he is.....

Happy Diwali to you n ur dear ones...:)