20 September 2011

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Rare View of Earth from ISS International Space Station One Minute Video made by James Drake

Rare View of Earth from ISS International Space Station
One Minute Video made by James Drake -

The International Space Station is the eleventh space station launched into orbit and is expected to remain in use until at least 2020.

James Drake downloaded 600 publicly available images taken by the International Space Station (ISS) and edited them and made a video.

The video gives an amazing night-time view of our planet from North America to Antarctica.

About Video –

1. Throughout the video the planet's ionosphere - a shell of electrically charged atoms and molecules - appears as a thin yellow line on the horizon.

2. Among the cities lit up 220 miles below are Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco and Los Angeles as the ISS travels over the west coast of North America.

3. Further south, lightning flashes over the Pacific Ocean as the space station moves over Mexico City, the Gulf of Mexico and down the west coast of South America.

Watch the rare video showing rare view of Earth from Space
See what ISS sees

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Source – http://www.telegraph.co.uk


Usha September 20, 2011  

sm, Amazing video...600 images to produce one minute video is lot of creative work. Thanks to James Drake's effort to create this intriguing video showing earth from far above.

Thanks for sharing.

Amrit September 20, 2011  

It is very good. I have seen it somewhere else too.

SM September 21, 2011  


Usha September 21, 2011  

sm, Just now while driving back home heard the news on NPR that NASA satellite will be returning back to earth after two decades in uncontrolled manner..It was interesting news..thought of sharing.


SM September 21, 2011  


thanks. Yes its interesting news.