19 September 2011

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Karnataka Lok Ayukta Shivraj Patil resigns after as he got more properties in violation of law

Karnataka Lok Ayukta Shivraj Patil resigns after as he got more properties in violation of law

Karnataka Lok ayukta Shivraj Patil became the first Lokayukta who has to resign from his post of Lokayukta as it came to the knowledge of the Indian citizens that he got 3 government properties in violation of law.

IMP – Government properties are given at very low prices as good as they are free.
Example – if anyone gets a flat of Rs.1 Crore in 50 Lakhs what you will call it.

On August 3 Patil took charge from Santosh Hegde who prepared a report exposing big corruption by corrupt politicians.

Monday –
Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Shivraj Patil resigned after allegations that he violated norms to get land allotment.
He has submitted his resignation to the Governor.

Media reported that Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Shivraj Patil and his wife got three government allotted properties in Bangalore in violation of rules.

CNN IBN reported that he got the properties in year 1982, 1994 and 2006.

Location of the Properties
1. allotment of 9600 sq ft land from the Judicial Employees Housing Society in 1994
2. his wife a 4200 sq ft land from Vyalikaval Housing Cooperative Society in 2006
3. Patil also owns a house in Vasanthanagar

Patil had earlier denied any wrong-doing in buying a 4,012 sq feet plot in his wife Annapurna's name from Vyalikaval House Building Cooperative Society (VHBCS) near Nagavara on Bangalore's outskirts in 2006.

The cooperative housing society rules state that people who own a plot or a house in a city are not eligible to get another plot from a housing society.

This incident again shows that our laws are only for namesake but in reality they encourage the corruption.

Demand – 50 Years of Imprisonment if Government Officers or Politicians violate the government rules or demand fine of Rs. 50 Crore.

Reality views by sm –
Monday, September 19, 2011

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Rama Ananth September 19, 2011  

I can't understand why these people who come to important positions don't first keep their own house clean, for such a thing was going to happen sooner or later. Ok, even if you have not bothered to do so, it is not good to speak like any other corrupt shameless politician, that you have not read the report , or that you are not wrong, or that you will clarify these things, and taking your own time to resign.
I think there was also some other controversy about him, I don't remember what it was.
I think before letting somebody occupy such position, they should always make a thorough check up about their background.
Everytime, media alone cannot be the one to probe matters.