13 September 2011

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Rajya Sabha Standing Committee Proceedings Confidential – Indian citizens can not be associated with it

Rajya Sabha Standing Committee Proceedings Confidential – Indian citizens can not be associated with it

S C Agrawal filed a right to information RTI application to make parliamentary committee proceedings public.

Responding to this application Rajya Sabha secretariat said that the standing committee proceedings are confidential and outsiders could be associated with it.

Replying to this application Rajya Sabha joint director K N Earendra Kumar said, "I am
directed to state that the general purpose committee of Rajya Sabha in its meeting held on
March 20, 2001, had not agreed to the opening of proceedings of Standing Committees to media and, as such, the well established practice has been that the proceedings of parliamentary committees are treated as confidential and no outsiders are associated with the deliberations."

Now in India who is outsider?

Does it mean that Indian citizens are outsiders and they do not have any right to know what their servants discuss in every meeting.

Indian politicians are elected to serve the Every Indian citizen and they discus the future of Indian citizens in every meeting including standing committee meetings.

As an Indian citizen we are not asking what you ate today at your home or what you did on your honeymoon.

We just want to know what you were all discussing in those meetings.

We just want to know did you discuss anything for the benefit of Every Indian or on which points you made the discussions.

Now the time has come to change the decade old rules and all the meetings of politicians should be shown live on the National Television so every master of Indian politician can see what their servants are doing in their office.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Rià September 13, 2011  

Yes...true, hoep the poloticians r listening.

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 13, 2011  

गरीब को गरीब मत कहो, गरीब को अमीर मत कहो.
नेता को चमचा मत कहो, नेता को नेता ही कहो.

देश की उन्नति के लिये हमेशा तैयार. यह मेरा विशवास है.

sm September 13, 2011  

Renu, thanks.

Anonymous,  September 17, 2011  

I agree with you SM. I think we should make all such issues as a point of agenda for next election. Let's start working for 2014. If there is any such issue that any of you feel needs to be addressed please feel free to reply.