13 September 2011

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Amar Singh Enjoyed Servants in Jail 10 Benefits – Now Amar Singh lodged in AIIMS

Amar Singh Enjoyed Servants in Jail 10 Benefits – Now Amar Singh lodged in AIIMS

Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh was arrested on September 6, for allegedly bribing three BJP MPs to support the government during a trust vote in July 2008.
Singh has been lodged in Jail Number 3 in Tihar since Tuesday after he was sent to 14 days' judicial custody

In Tihar Jail Amar Singh is getting VIP treatment.
Citing the health reasons he got the many facilities from the Tihar Jail authorities.

Tihar jail authorities said that currently Amar Singh is getting following facilities.

1. lodged in a single cell with an attached bathroom

2. He has been placed in a ward and not in the barracks

3. Amar Singh was provided with two cell mates who scrub the floor and keep his cell clean.

4. The floor is wiped four to five times a day with disinfectant and insecticide is sprayed regularly to ensure that mosquitoes are at bay.

5. His two cell mates are not allowed to use the bathroom of his cell

6. He is allowed to enjoy home food

7. Tihar Jail authorities offered him a European toilet that can be installed in a matter on request.

8. As per jail rules, inmates are only allowed two visits per week, but Singh has been meeting visitors every day, including his wife Pankaja, his younger brother as well as actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada. "There are many MPs and MLAs who come to meet Amar Singh daily.

9. Jail authorities have kept an ambulance on standby

10. He got the TV

Monday – Tihar Jail officers told to Special Court that health parameters of Amar Singh are "stable and normal".

On Monday night Jail authorities admitted Amar Singh to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) after creatinine levels in his body increased.

I do not have any problems that Amar Singh is given VIP treatment in Tihar Jail as he is sick and suffering but other sick accused who are in Jail are they given same treatment by Tihar Jail authorities.

My question is that do Tihar Jail officials give the same treatment to Poor Prisoners who are sick?

If poor prisoners do not enjoy the above facilities then I think we need to amend the laws and should make a law that all the sick persons will be given above facilities if he can afford them or pay for them
If the accused person is rich then Government will not pay for his expenses as he can spend on that and he can afford those expenses.

Reality views by sm –
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Saru Singhal September 13, 2011  

He was in a Jail or a Hotel???

Unknown September 13, 2011  

It,s not good for our country and democracy..

Unknown September 13, 2011  

Well written SM ji.. Many-many thanks to watch regular my blog and to appreciating me..

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 13, 2011  

I am sure the Delhi Police do not discriminate between poor and rich in jail. A criminal is a criminal.
One must not forget the personality of Amar Singh. A natural extrovert who can get his job done however tough it may be.
Government is doing a lot for the poor. Middlemen eat such money. Then they say government does it to poor people. And to government they show signatures of poor.

sm,  September 13, 2011  

Saru Singhal, thanks.
Anil Avtaar,thanks.
Kirti, thanks.