24 September 2011

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For Commenting on Facebook 2 govt. officials suspended by Bihar Government

For Commenting on Facebook 2 govt. officials suspended by Bihar Government

Arun Narayan and Musafir Baitha, both assistants in the department of Hindi publication
both are suspended for writing, expressing views on Facebook against Nitish Kumar that is Bihar Government.

Both were suspended by Council chairman Tarakant Jha, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader.

Arun Narayan had commented against the termination of rebel Janata Dal-United's Prem Kumar Mani from the Bihar Legislative Council.

Musafir Baitha is accused of starting a discussion on Facebook about how administrative lethargy in the Council had caused suffering to employees.
Baitha had vented his frustration on the way he was harassed for getting loan on his GPF money.

they were suspended because of violation of service rules.

Now the time has come to change the service rules as well as official secrecy act.

What happened to Freedom of Speech?

I hope both suspended officials will appeal to High Court.

Freedom of Speech is the birth right of Every Indian and a fundamental right.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Saru Singhal September 24, 2011  

Are be becoming another China??? Where is freedom of speech?

Destination Infinity September 24, 2011  

This is shocking indeed. I thought, these things do not happen in India! BTW, your mails (new posts) are not coming for the last couple of days... Please check with feedburner settings.

Sujatha Sathya September 24, 2011  

what's happening? how can the staff be dealt with such shortsightedness? everyone's seems to be closely watching FB statuses :(

Renu September 24, 2011  

but I think every department needs some discipline too..why discuss it on FB, why not take measures to address the issue in a proper way..t

Bikram September 24, 2011  

Really .. I am amzed this happened in India WOW


Kirti September 24, 2011  

It is surprising how seriously commenting on facebook would be taken.

Arti September 25, 2011  

Very funny! We seem to live in a country that ignores scams everywhere and focusses on trivial issues!!
Our government is really something.

deeps September 25, 2011  

haha... thats interesting...
i would say in that case commenting on the FB should be taken up as a form of protest... let s see how many can be suspended

SM September 25, 2011  

Saru Singhal, thanks. Destination Infinity, thanks. Thanks for feedback I will check.
Sujatha Sathya,thanks. Renu,thanks. Bikramjit,thanks.Kirti,thanks.Arti,thanks.
Deeps,thanks very good idea.