28 August 2011

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Why Passing of Parliament Resolution not a victory but first Step towards getting a strong Lokpal Bill

Why Passing of Parliament Resolution not a victory but first Step towards getting a strong Lokpal Bill

Last few months world witnessed the non violent fight of Indian citizens with politicians regarding passing of a strong Lokpal Bill.

Anna Hazare started the fight and he got the huge support from Indian citizens who are tired of corruption.

Yesterday Indian Parliament passed the resolution accepting 3 demands of Anna Hazare so that he will end his fast.

We must remember that passing of resolution is not the passing of law.

We must keep the pressure on politicians so that they will pass the bill and before festival of Diwali President of India should sign that bill and Lokpal should become the reality.

Strong Lokpal is still a dream, but we Indian citizens have started marching towards that goal of getting the strong Lokpal Bill for the good future of India and future generations.

Government has just accepted the 3 demands not the entire Janlokpal Bill neither government withdrew its weak Lokpal bill which punished more for complaining about the corruption and punished little for doing indulging in corruption.

Pressure from Indian citizens compelled the parliament to pass the resolution as nothing is wrong those demands.

Following is the text of resolution passed by the Indian Parliament.

This House agrees in principle on the following issues for a strong and effective lok pal.

1- All government departments to have citizen's charter with timeline.

2 - Employees of centre and state governments to be brought under purview of Lokpal and Lokayuktas respectively. Lower bureaucracy to be under lok pal through an appropriate mechanism

3 - Establishment of lok ayukts in the states. An effective Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayuktas in states be set up.

And further resolves to forward the proceedings of the house to the related Standing Committee for its perusal while finalizing its report.

It’s good that Indian Parliament passed the resolution respecting the will of Indian citizens.

Now today that is Sunday 10.00 AM Anna will break his fast.

Now the important question is Anna should return to Maharashtra or he should stay in Delhi or Ramlila Maidan?
Government has not given in writing on which date or in how many months or days the strong Lokpal Bill will become the reality in India.

Let us hope Anna Hazare and Indian citizens do not need to fight 3rd time again for the cause of strong Lokpal bill.

A Lokpal bill which will send corrupt to 100 years of imprisonment with no pardon and bail

A Lokpal bill which will create a fear in the minds of government officers and politicians who indulge in corruption or who delay the legal work of poor Indian citizens to just get the bribe to do a legal job.

The sad story about India is that we have to pay a bribe to do a legal work.

Remember war is not over its just begun

Demand Strong Janlokpal bill to reduce corruption in India

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Rama Ananth August 28, 2011  

Congratulations to people's movement,led by Anna Hazare!

Anonymous,  August 28, 2011  

a step forward indeed!!

sm August 28, 2011  


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom August 28, 2011  

I hope they'll pass the bill. ;)

Chez August 28, 2011  

Seems the people are speaking the world over sm.

Kirtivasan August 28, 2011  

A brief story
Four men are there. There is a 5sq km square field. The four corners have food, house, entertainment materials and work area on four corners.
The four people want freedom. Each one will go in different directions(freedom is the objective) and move around in circles.One may eat more, one may spoil the entertainment materials and someone else may work less.
The four people want unity. The four will go together in circle. There will be sharing of food, less chance of spoiling entertainment materials and everyone has to work.
Moral is : Unity model is most suited for India.
Anna Hazare was successful because he did not align with any political party and wanted to pass the Lokpal bill unanimously in parliament. Pressure should be put on all political parties equally to get Lokpal.

sm,  August 28, 2011  

Majid,thanks.Elisabeth Hirsch,thanks.chez,thanks.

sm,  August 28, 2011  

@Kirtivasan thanks.yes unity is important nice story.