26 August 2011

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Tomorrow Lokpal Bill debate under Rule 193 in Lok Sabha Anna Hazare Fast Day 11

Tomorrow Lokpal Bill debate under Rule 193 in Lok Sabha Anna Hazare Fast Day 11
Anna Hazare – Fast Day 11 – Now doctors are afraid about health of Anna.

It’s very easy to visit a poor mans hut or home and eat but it’s very difficult to go on fast for the benefit of others which Anna is doing.

BJP leaders wanted the discussion to take place under Rule 184, which entails voting.
But congress said no to the demand of BJP.

Congress said that the resolution will be discussed under Rule 342 under which if a consensus is reached and all the MPs agree than only voting can take place.

On Saturday, The debate on the Lokpal bills will take place in the Lok Sabha
The debate will start at 11 AM.

Under Rule 193 they will only discuss the bill and there will no voting.
What is the use of Discussion last 42 years we are doing that?

Lok Sabha will discuss following 4 bills.
1. Congress Government Lokpal Bill
2. Team Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill
3. Lokpal Bill made by Aruna Roy
4. Lokpal Bill made by Jayaprakash Narayan's Lok Satta party

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee will explain about the entire issue and the Government's strategy after which Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj will speak.

After discussions with Team Anna BJP said they will support Janlokpal Bill with few amendments in that bill.

Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Friday said that the chief minister would be brought under the ambit of the Lokayukta Bill in Assam.

Last 7 years Gujarat Government had not appointed Lokayukta but finally taking a brave and honest step the Gujarat Governor has appointed Retd Justice RA Mehta as Lokayukta of the state, bypassing the Narendra Modi-led BJP government

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Friday, August 26, 2011

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Rakesh Kumar August 26, 2011  

What drama is going on SM ?
On one hand, they say in parliament to quit Anna's fast, on the other hand they are not serious at all.I think they believe that let Anna go his own.

Thanks for this informative post.

Kiran @ KiranTarun.com August 26, 2011  

Firstly, thank you for commenting on my blog :)

I am so against corruption and am glad to support Anna Hazare's movement in any possible way. It is sad the state of our country in 21st century. There's no govt transparency! SO sad!!!

Treat and Trick August 26, 2011  

Do you think Anna Hazare sacrifice is well worth?

sm,  August 27, 2011  

Treat and trick,thanks.Yes his sacrifice is worth India needs more and more people like Anna.
who can challenge the politicians for the cause of good work for the society.

BK Chowla, August 27, 2011  

it seems to be another step towards delaying the decisions, until Sonia returns

chitra August 27, 2011  

what would eventually happen is a matter of concern as Annaji's is continuing his fast.There doesn't seems to be any sincere efforts from the Govt.They keep bringing new cards.

Unknown August 27, 2011  

We all Indian are watching DRAMA... The DRAMA of CHAIR, The DRAMA of POLITICS.. The DRAMA of FEELINGS....

Many-many thanks SM sahab you visited my blog and appreciate me.. I invite you to watch my blog next time also.. Thanks...

deeps August 27, 2011  

looks like the drama wont stop...

Arti August 27, 2011  

May God bless our country...
Hope we can all follow our duties well.

Rahul August 27, 2011  

What I would like to say is Anna is fighting against the government as per my knowlegde many citizens are supporting him including me. But I would be glad if Anna appeals to his supporters to agitate against the corruption previaling in the lanes and bilanes of the area where the local politician and gundas are suppressing (Common man on the name of donations, acquiring properties, etc.) citizen of country. I think this would the only way how the corruption would go away from the entire nation. I am sad that in none of the Anna's speach I had heard this messege for the citizen. which I doubt Anna is not interest in.

SM August 27, 2011  

BK Chowla,thanks.Chitra,thanks.Anil Avtaar,thanks.deeps,thanks.Arti,thanks.

SM August 27, 2011  

@Rahulthanks.Citizens Charter will help every poor person of the India.