30 August 2011

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Multi Crore Fodder Scam 1995 Still no Charges Framed against Former CM Lalu Prasad Yadav

Multi Crore Fodder Scam 1995 Still no Charges Framed against Former CM Lalu Prasad and Jagannath Mishra

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

Year 1995-1996 –
A case was filed against Rashtriya Janata Dal chief national president and former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad, former CM Jagannath Mishra and 32 other accused, including former animal husbandry minister Vidya Sagar Nishad, JD (U) MP from Jehanabad Jagdish Sharma and former MLA Dr R K Rana.
This case was known as Fodder scam.

all the 34 accused are being tried by the CBI court in connection with the case registered against them for fraudulent withdrawal of Rs 47 lakh from Banka and Bhagalpur treasury through 'forged and fake' bills by the state animal husbandry department in 1995-96.

August 18 – Patna High Court rejected the discharge petitions of the accused.

On Monday all the accused appeared before a designated CBI court on Monday for framing of charges against them in a fodder scam case.
CBI judge B K Jain, however, did not frame charges against the accused as six of them, including Mishra, moved a petition, praying that they be allowed to challenge the Patna High court order which was given on August 18.

After that CBI judge did not frame the charges against the accused persons and allowed them to challenge the rejection of discharge petitions in the Patna high court.
Judge fix the next date to September 21.

Lalu Prasad’s private secretary Mukul Kapoor had gone underground once the fodder scam surfaced in 1996. He remained ‘untraced’ throughout the CBI probe.

Now after 16 years the state government issued an advertisement in a local daily asking Kapoor to submit travel bills for his visit to Singapore and Bangkok
(from 25-7-95 to 1-8-95), and then another trip to the US and UK
(from 6-10-95 to 21-10-95).

How the criminal court work – In short I will tell you
1. A crime is done by someone
2. Police Get the Information they go and do the Panchnama.
3. The case may get transferred to CBI.
4. FIR that is First Information Report made in Police station
5. Then Police inform the court and summons is issued
6. After that investigation starts and Investigation complete
7. Accused appear in a court of law and judge tells them the nature of crime Now in a court of law The judge starts framing the charge
8. In short framing of charge means judge decides on which IPC sections the accused will be tried. Or other law which they have broken.

I will say Framing of Charge is the first stage in the court of law.
About this framing of charge etc I will write it in details in future.

In this fodder scam now you can see from year 1995, even the first stage is not completed.

First stage means framing of charges against accused.

Now it’s the duty of media to find out the time line why the delay was made.

One more thing regarding court cases third parties can file applications in a court of law and can get the certified copies of all the proceedings.

Now if same case was handled by the Janlokpal law following Lokpal India would have got the justice.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Arti August 30, 2011  

We always have delays in our law system and when it involves ministers then it takes an eternity.

Nisha August 30, 2011  

Sometimes I feel Indian law system is failing in its duty. If law takes so much time, how on earth you expect them people to remember & learn from these mistakes?

Anonymous,  August 30, 2011  

gosh! from where do you get such detailed information...and well courts, are best at letting go of the criminals..

sm,  August 30, 2011  


SANDEEP PANWAR August 30, 2011  

लालू ने घोटाले व बच्चे पैदा करने के अलावा और कुछ किया भी तो नहीं है?