02 August 2011

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Mukesh Ambanis luxury residence ‘Antilia’ land deal in trouble Maharashtra government may order CBI inquiry

Mukesh Ambanis luxury residence ‘Antilia’ land deal in trouble Maharashtra government may order CBI inquiry

Antilia is the 27 floor home of Mukesh Ambani the billionaire Chairman of Reliance Industries.

Eight months ago Centre government advised told to the Maharashtra state government that let the CBI investigate allegations that Mukesh Ambani bought Wakf land, which is not permissible under law.

In July 2002 the owner, Karimbhai Ibrahimbhai Khoja Orphanage, a charitable trust, sold the land to Ambani’s Antilla Commercial Private Limited for Rs.21.5 crore much less than the prevailing market rate.

In April 2004 Wakf board slapped a notice on the orphanage because the deal had been struck without its permission.

In 2005 Karimbhai Ibrahimbhai Khoja Orphanage paid a penalty of Rs16 lakh to regularize the deal. After that Wakf board withdrew the notice.

Arif Naseem Khan, the minorities welfare and Wakf department minister, said the Centre asked his department to consider referring the case to the CBI.

Now if Maharashtra government gives permission CBI may investigate the sale of wakf land to industrialist Mukesh Ambani.

NCP legislator Nawab Malik said that paying a penalty cannot regularize any Waqf land with retrospective effect,”

Leader of Opposition Eknath Khadse wants that state should restore the land to the Waqf board.

MLA Nawab Malik of the NCP said that if any irregularities are found, the government should treat it just like any other illegal structure in the city and demolish it.”

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jenn August 02, 2011  

hi. thanks for visiting picky the other day. i'm glad you liked the post.

chitra August 02, 2011  

People who can influence and have money power will not face much problems.

Bikram August 02, 2011  

Well , What makes me more angry is that when the 27 floors were being BUILT where were all these people THEN.. the 27 floors did not come up in a day or a month it took MONTHsss to make it .. everyone was sleeping then ..

Shows how greedy and idiots we are now they can see a oppurtunity to make some money by threatening Ambani and they are doing this.. To me this is stupid.

May ambani should threaten to close all his work and shift to a different country that will serve India right..

I am sorry but to me the time was to stop 27 floors being built at that time they pocketed lotso f money and they were all quiet now they have woken up Pathetic...

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 02, 2011  

Ambanis are known for taking a hell lot of initiative. D-6 is big example. I have heard from my relative that they earn a lot and spend a lot too.
Yes, Bikramjit it is disgusting that no complaint was made earlier when the multi-storeyed building was made. It seems a case of blackmailing to me.

dr.antony August 02, 2011  

These are all usual in India.Nothing will ever be done. long live Ambanis!

Amrit August 02, 2011  

He will get away with it.

sm,  August 03, 2011  

chitra, thanks.yes u right will not face much problems

sm,  August 03, 2011  

Bikramjit,,thanks.Yes for money and fame everything is done.

sm,  August 03, 2011  

D6 basin also got problems. and they benefited lot.
dr.antony, thanks.

sm,  August 03, 2011  


Sh@s August 03, 2011  

I have no idea whether Ambani was ignorant about the dispute. He is a shrewd business and must have researched properly before buying such a large piece of land. So, I doubt that he was unaware. And, if he wasn't it would have been wise on his part to cancel the deal or take action if it wasn't possible then. Or, did he use his tactics to get the land regularized? These are just my assumptions. I might be wrong. You are welcome to correct me. Anyways, he is super-rich and can use his clout to get it cleared.