27 July 2011

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Learn to use correctly There, Their and they’re

Learn to use correctly There, Their and they’re

There" and "their" are homophones.
Homophones are two words with different spellings and usages, but have the same pronunciation.

We find many words with same pronunciation with different meaning and different spelling of that word.

There, their and they’re the pronunciation is same for all these 3 words.

So when to use there, When to use their and when to use they’re
It’s very simple but still we make mistakes.
We want to use there but we write their vice versa.

Now let’s learn how to use them properly and how to tell the difference between there, they're, and their

A - How and when to use there

We should use there when we are referring to a place or abstract.
There is used as an adverb or pronoun.

Examples –
1. There is a hotel on Rajiv Gandhi road.
2. we are going over there to eat

How to know you are using correctly word there?
It’s simple to know just replace there with here and if it makes sense then you are using it correctly.

B - How to and when to use word their

The word their is used to indicate possession or relating to something.
It is a possessive adjective and indicates that a particular noun belongs to them.
Their is the plural form of pronouns such as "her" and "his."

Example –
1. Their cat is beautiful.
2. Did you saw their new home build with the corruption money which they got in CWG scam?

How to verify you are using their correctly?
Replace their with our in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly.

How to use they’re?
They’re a contraction of the words they and are.

Example –
I am happy that they're investigating 2G scam very slow and saving their friends.

Important Tip –
"there" shows place and "their" shows possession.

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Rakesh Kumar July 27, 2011  

'sm' you have given a nice explanation.

Stranger in a Strange Land July 27, 2011  

Hey sm:
Thanks for the thumbs up. I learned that in primary school, but perhaps it's a good lesson for those with English as a 2nd language.

Take care,

steveroni July 27, 2011  

I thought I knew all about there, their, they're!

...and now I DO!
Thanks, sm!

And thanks for visiting 4th Dimension


Irfanuddin July 27, 2011  

this is quite useful.... thanks for all these.

Sandhya July 27, 2011  

Interesting explanation!

sm,  July 28, 2011  

Rakesh Kumar,thanks.
Priya Sreeram, thanks.
Stranger in a Strange Land, thanks.

sm,  July 28, 2011  

Steve E, thanks.
Sandhya, thanks.

Bikram July 28, 2011  

I cant do it ever, I am always making the mistake of Their and there I am sure you have picked it up from my articles for sure ..

Thanks for all the explanation

SM July 28, 2011  

Not only you I also do it.

Kirtivasan Ganesan July 28, 2011  

Hinglish is fun.
I remember an UPite telling me "Your father is a nice man. Where are they working?" It took me a few hours to understand that he was showing respect to my father and hence the plural in the question.
I hope no one says, "Is this your pen? She is beautiful." to a man and wife sitting together.
(She is the pen and it is feminine in Hindi).

Rakesh Kumar July 28, 2011  

I dare to say that pronouncing 'dare' is near to 'there'.So why not an explanation,sm for 'dare' also.

sm,  July 28, 2011  

Kirti, thanks.
yes english is funny language.
Rakesh Kumar, thanks.
Dare sounds simlilar.
but dare is such a word that i am sure everyone knows that when to use word dare.

Usha August 16, 2011  

sm, Nice to see grammer post addition on realityviews. Thanks.

I want to tell you about page skip feature. Today I visited after gap so tried to view all past post by using page number feature but when I click page 2 it is skipping 5 pages but in reality it is not. I reached this post by clicking next tab. Also in archieve initially I got confused but later realised year is missing...just thought of informing you. :)

SM August 16, 2011  

I will go through them and will find the solution.
thanks for feedback.