13 July 2011

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Know 25 Ways, Methods to quit smoking Know 13 Disadvantages of smoking

 Know 25 Ways, Methods to quit smoking. Know 13 Disadvantages of smoking Smoking Kills

Every person who smokes knows the bad effects of smoking; he knows smoking is killing him and who is around him.

Smokers also want to quit smoking but it is very difficult task.

Nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive.

To quit smoking best approach is to visit doctor who is expert in this field but majority smokers do not like this idea to visit a doctor for this and take his help to get rid of smoking habit.

Now below are the 25 methods and ways which you can try and if you will try them honestly if you will get rid of the habit of smoking cigarettes.

First get the paper and pen and write it down when you started to smoke and why you started to smoke. Open your notepad and start writing it down.

Write down when it became your habit and when you started to smoke more and more. Now Prepare the list write down all the reasons why you smoke today.

Write down the benefits of smoking, which only your soul knows Write down every reason and benefit why you enjoy smoking even if knowing that smoking is killing you.

After making this list why you enjoy smoking, what are the benefits of smoking? Now start to write down disadvantages of smoking, how smoking is affecting your life, your job, does your wife and kids like it, does your girl friend likes it.

If you think they will support you go ask them what are the disadvantages of smoking be brave and put it on face book wall and ask everyone why they wish you should stop smoking and what are the disadvantages of smoking.

Thus you will prepare the list mentioning and writing it down all the disadvantages of smoking.

Now you know the advantages of smoking and now you know the disadvantages of smoking and now you know who wants you should stop smoking as on face book profile you have requested the feed back from your friends.

This is the First step towards quitting the habit of smoking.

Now you made the first list which mentions the benefits and advantages and happiness which you get when you smoke. Now suppose in advantages list you have written 20 reasons for smoking.

Now start to evaluate each reason and try to think do you have any other option like suppose if you have written that when I smoke I feel that I am in heaven. Now think that do I get same feeling why doing any other activity like listen music or eating cake or preparing a meal or sending funny jokes to friends like this find out the alternative source of happiness to that Benefit.

when I smoke I feel I am in heaven now alternative option is I feel like in a heaven when I listen music , I feel like in a heaven when I watch cartoons tom and jerry like this write down the alternative options thus you will get the alternative option to every benefit you wrote when you smoke.

Now be brave and fix the date now on I will decrease my smoking habit.

Write down everyday how many cigarettes you need. Suppose everyday you smoke 24 times think that from tomorrow I will smoke only 23 times

Now write down a contract on a paper with your own soul promising that you have started the process of quitting the habit of smoking, attach the copy of disadvantages to it and be brave and hand it over that copy to your wife or daughter or mom or any one whom you love and whom you trust or be brave and declare it on your face book wall what you are intending to do it and ask everyone to help you achieve this target.

Everyday before sleep write down you got success you smoked only 23 times.

Each week reduce it by and each week do the party with family and friends and celebrate your success, if got monetary problems then just celebrate it with by declaring it on face book wall or your blog and send a virtual gifts and greeting cards to friends and everyone for your success or send a virtual gift to your email account.

Every week keep reducing by one and in 24 weeks you will get rid of smoking.

Now in this self program buy the 23 cigarettes and hand over them to your loved one and tell her to give you one when you need one or carry always one when you go outside.

Every week keep reducing by one.

When you got only one cigarette with you it will save you from smoking two cigarettes.

As now cigarettes are in a possession of someone else you wont get more than 23 in first week as you smoke 24 everyday and now for a week you will smoke only 23 times each day, second week only 22 and third week everyday only 21 times smoking for seven days that’s a week.

Rule is simple I smoke everyday 24 times now on everyday I will smoke 23 times and each week I will reduce it by one and I know the alternative to the benefit so I will use that but I will not break this rule.

As a smoker you know it at which hour and when you need how many cigarettes thus make or prepare a time table and write down 24 times on which hour you smoke and just reduce or cancel one and write down the alternative action which you will do.

Write down 24 times at which hour you smoke and list will be with you and now choose any one time which you feel you can start this plan suppose you decide to start the program by not smoking at 11.00 PM then alternative option will be listening music, if you got kids teach them or play with them or go on walk and thus you will win that hour by not smoking.

Always keep the list of advantages of smoking with you and below that alternative option which will give you same type of happiness. So when you will want to smoke, read the alternative options and do that activity.

Like when you feel like smoking you can call your best friend and talk with him and tell him the real reason you do not want to smoke and discuss something with him.

If you got the blog or on twitter or face book wall declare it you do not want to smoke next one hour so friends should send you jokes or funny stories or anything which will keep you busy at that moment.

Science has proven that auricular acupuncture (i.e., needles in the ears) curbs cigarette cravings quite successfully. So read the books or visit the acupuncture doctor and know the points and start to press them with your thumbs when ever you get the feeling that you should smoke.

One study found that Avena sativa (oat) extract taken at 1 milliliters four times daily, it helped habitual tobacco smokers significantly decrease the number of cigarettes they smoked.

Every morning tell your loved once to remind you your goal and your contract with your own soul that you will smoke one cigarette less everyday and you are on a winning journey

As you will reduce the smoking you will purchase less and thus you will start to save money, thus get a small box, decorate it and start to put that saved money into that box. Suppose you are staying in 4 room apartment now start to make each room a Non Smoking zone, Get a poster or write it down on the door this is No smoking zone.

This will also help you remind that you are on a journey to stop quitting a habit called as smoking.

Below are the 13 disadvantages of smoking 

Increases risk of lung, bladder, pancreatic, mouth, esophageal, and other cancers, including leukemia

Reduces fertility

Contributes to thin bones

Affects mental capacity and memory

Reduces levels of folate, low levels of which can increase

The risk of heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease

Increases likelihood of impotence

Affects ability to smell and taste

Results in low-birth-weight, premature babies

Increases risk of depression in adolescents

Increases risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure

Increases risk of diabetes

Increases your child’s risk of obesity and diabetes later in Life if you smoked while pregnant

Quit To save a life - Yours

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SANDEEP PANWAR July 13, 2011  

शुक्र है, कि मुझे इनमें से किसी की भी आवश्यकता नहीं है। तरीके जानदार है।

SM July 13, 2011  

जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर),

chitra July 13, 2011  

That is a nice step by step method for smokers to quit smoking. Hope many would read this and pass on the messg.

रविकर July 13, 2011  

सुन्दर और प्रभावी प्रस्तुति ||

BK Chowla, July 13, 2011  

There is only one way to quit smoking. JUST QUIT SMOKING

Alka Gurha July 13, 2011  

Even if one person quits smoking due to this post you have done a great job....

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sm,  July 13, 2011  

BK Chowla,,
Alka Gurha,

Usha July 13, 2011  

sm, So well written plan to quit smoking..Smokers don't easily accept to quit..they must develop fear about the harms of smoking and build stronger will power to slowly give up smoking..Your post has given good guidelines. Thanks for covering this issue with solutions.

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Disadvantages of Smoking December 14, 2011  

Great list on how to quit smoking, I haven't smoked in over 30 days now, and feel ten times better.

Generic Actos July 04, 2015  

Great Post And Nice Article.I like it.Thanks for sharing the tips of Quit Smoking.