29 July 2011

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Congress Government Blocks – Anna Fast Says No Permission Delhi Police

Congress Government Blocks – Anna Fast Says No Permission Delhi Police

Now question is Does India is a democratic nation?

Do you think Government will make the Ramdev Baba of Anna?

The Delhi police has said Anna Hazare can’t stage his fast at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

Anna Hazare has said that he will go to Supreme Court and will try to get permission from Supreme Court of India.

Times now reported that The Delhi Police referred to the Supreme Court's 2009 order to deny team Anna permission for the indefinite strike anywhere in Delhi.

The police, in its letter to Hazare, said that as Parliament would be in session, no group could be allowed to capture the entire space at Jantar Mantar further the letter says that
They could hold their strikes in Delhi's outskirts, or give a definite time limit during which they would be allowed a sit-in protest.

Anna Hazare said that "The entire country will protest with me at Jantar Mantar on August 16.
This is not Hazare's protest but the entire country's. The people need to look at this as a second fight for their freedom and they should all come out on the streets,"

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Ps. Support Anna and spread the word someone is fighting for you


Rakesh Kumar July 29, 2011  

Let's see what happens.

SM July 30, 2011  

Rakesh Kumar,

Dinesh July 30, 2011  

MAHATMA GANDHI kicked out BRITISH Laws and Rule, CONGRESS implemented it back. SHAME SHAME...In Congress rule Indian Democracy is only for traitors like FAI, GEELANI, ARUNDHATI ROY etc…and not for Patriotic ANNA. Syndicate of Criminals are in Politician’s Mask, must be Exposed and send to TIHAR. Delhi Police & CBI are used as State Sponsored Terrorists on Tax-Payers money. Congress is Anti-National, implied undeclared Emergence and using India’s LOOTED money against Indians. Support ANNA for Better India. Jai JAN LOKPAL BILL, Jai ANNA Hazare, Jai HIND.

Kirtivasan Ganesan July 30, 2011  

Corruption is not the only issue before India. Food for all, rapidly changing world, electricity, employment and other issues are there before India. Our PM rightly points out this fact at every occasion.
Money is desire. I am sure non-violent followers will agree with this. Corruption in money is not an issue, therefore.
It is time we all stand behind our PM strongly and extend maximum support for the welfare of our country. Anna's issue is secondary.

Destination Infinity July 30, 2011  

@Kirti: If so much money is laundered away by the rich and powerful, how will common people get food, electricity, employment and other things you mention? That's why Hazareji is fighting.

Permission by the police is no longer required for a particular site. The protest is not actually in the venue - its in every street and every city. Lets see how police deny permission in so many places.

Destination Infinity

sm,  July 30, 2011  

@Kirti thanks.
Good law making is the duty of PM.
thus i am always with the person who suggests good law.
Jan Lokpal is best for India.

Rama Ananth July 30, 2011  

Anna Hazare would tide through all this as he has the support of the people. I only hope all these self seeking people like Ramdev, BJP and other such political parties would stay away and not create any more problem by saying they have come to support Anna.