11 June 2011

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What is more important Individual Person or Cause that is Demand of that Person?

What is more important Individual Person or Cause that
is Demand of that Person?

No Human is perfect in this world.

Even god has made mistakes in their life.

When someone demands a good law for a country then as a citizen what we should see in that person?
The demand of that person or the character of that person?

Do you think if the person who is demanding good law for the country if he is branded criminal then we should support him or we should never support his good demand of law as he is a branded criminal.

Branded criminal means I want to say the person who went to jail when Court of law found him guilty of crime.

Today someone is a good person and you support him,
Can you say that tomorrow he will not become a bad man?

One person may demand 2 laws
One law is good and one law is bad

So what we should do
If one demand is wrong then do you think we should oppose his good demand that is good law?

Thus final question is to whom we should support

The individual or the good demand of that individual?

This is where majority people fail.

They just think that the person is demanding 2 laws one law is bad so I will not support him and his good law also.

In this way what happens is support group breaks and corrupt politicians keep enjoying their life without worry as they know that citizens will never create a pressure group in a society which will dominate them.

The method is that never support a person or organization or any Political party.

Learn to give support to the demand and cause and if same person is demanding wrong law tell him openly I do not support his 2nd demand with reason and declare that I support the only First demand which is a good demand.

Is it necessary that if we agree with the demand that means we must support his every wish?

What you do?

Do you support the person or do you support the demand and good cause

We must support the demand of good laws and reject the demands which we do not support.

Never become blind follower of any political party or person.

Always follow the cause and always follow the demand which is good for the country and not only for some caste or religion.

Do you think every individual has a right to demand a good law?

Do you think branded criminal has a right to demand a good law?

Learn to support the demand a person with reasoning.

Reality views by sm-
Saturday, June 11, 2011


Usha June 12, 2011  

sm, Good thoughts, I agree with you - support the cause part that will benefit the entire community.Thanks for timely Baba Ramdev coverage.

sm,  June 12, 2011  


ZEAL June 12, 2011  

I support the cause . But it is true that only good people raise there voice for noble cause . So I support such people also.

ZEAL June 12, 2011  


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Cheryl June 12, 2011  

It is unfortunate that minority 'groups' and their opinions are being heard and much good is undone for the benefit of the minority. How do we determine what 'good demand' is?

Renu June 12, 2011  

I agree, we must support the demand..

Destination Infinity June 12, 2011  

I don't think corrupt politicians are enjoying always - they have to deal with much bigger problems than us. And worse, their fortune keeps swinging 180 degrees.

Destination Infinity

PS: Both good people and good laws are important.

sm,  June 13, 2011  


sm,  June 13, 2011  

I will write a article on your question.

sm,  June 13, 2011  


sm,  June 13, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

Everymatter June 13, 2011  

But even after so much hai toba govt. is not taking any step

What is the way to change the system of India

sm,  June 13, 2011  


कीर्ती,  June 13, 2011  

आदमी भी अच्छा हो और इरादे भी नेक हो बडा मुश्किल है. आदमी को छोडो और इरादो को छोडो. फिर करना क्या है?
देश की सोचो. बस और कुछ नहीं.

sm,  June 13, 2011  

देश की सोचो. बस और कुछ नहीं.