15 June 2011

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MBBS Scam If you are MBBS student Pay the Money and Become Doctor 100,000 Rupees for Each Percent Seven MBBS collage involved

MBBS Scam If you are MBBS student Pay the Money and
Become Doctor 100,000 Rupees for Each Percent Seven MBBS collages involved

Karnataka police have registered FIRs against 18 students for paying evaluating officers
This scam is going on in Karnataka since year 2006.
MBBS students from seven colleges across Karnataka were part of the scam.

Students from colleges like Al-Ameen Dental College in Bangalore and colleges from Gulbarga, Tumkur and Chitradurga are under the scanner.

What was the method used by MBBS students to pass the exam?

No need to study, give the exams, at the time of retotalling contact the officer who calculated marks , give him the bribe and get your marks increased and pass the exam.

When someone becomes doctor like this

Do you think doctor will Rob the nation?

Do you think such a doctor will kill the patients?

If you are MBBS student and want to pass the university examination just pay the money and pass the exam.

At the time of recalculating or retotalling of marks the Evaluating officers will change the marks, they used to increase the students marks that is percentage and the rate card was if student wanted to increase 1 percent pay the 1 Lakh Rupees that is 100,000 Indian Rupess.

The official said that many students have become doctor in Karnataka using this method.

Now who is responsible for this mess?

No fear of law – No fear of Punishment No Fear of Trial

Always demand death punishment or 1000 Years of imprisonment for corruption

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Kirtivasan Ganesan June 15, 2011  

The problem with private colleges is that there is a very huge gap between what is taught in college and what the student has learnt and what the question paper is. Let me say this. Some subjects are impossible to pass. Even with textbooks open.
The long term solution would be to reduce the standard of courses of private colleges.
There is also a dearth of good professors and the people who talk about Subhash Chandra Bose leave the country when they get the first opportunity to learn abroad.

sm,  June 15, 2011  

Yes again we need reforms here.

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 15, 2011  

SRCC,DU has kept 100% as cut-off for entry of non-commerce stream. Why play politics? Will it not be honest to say we do not want other stream students.
What is the message you are conveying to the young generation? Playing politics !!
A little extra effort was required to maintain a strict stance. A little boldness. An out of the way involvement.

ZEAL June 15, 2011  

Pathetic indeed !

sm,  June 15, 2011  

need to take bold steps

sm,  June 15, 2011  


Kirtivasan Ganesan June 15, 2011  

Need to be brave.

sm,  June 15, 2011  


Destination Infinity June 15, 2011  

Hopeless. These people later on demand a heavy fees from their patients in order to get back their 'investments'!

Destination Infinity

SM June 15, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

Anonymous,  September 07, 2011  

to give money is wrong..Agreed..but for once look at the state of our medical colleges..There is no shortage of teachers but the manner in which lessons are held are pathetic.Its best if students were left to study on their own rather than run a scam viz medical "COLLAGE" ...a STUDENT who chooses to study all by himself is later asked money for attendance..This later culminates into bad marks,NOT well directed hardwork and terrible performance in the exams..with a pass% of just over 40/100 students its high time RGUHS made changes..mate under all these circumstances you'd choose money over marks..and trust me 10 out of the 40 students who made it to PASS list have got there coz of the university officials...Have known enough of my friends who never knew basics but successfully got the PASS certificate

Anonymous,  October 12, 2011