04 June 2011

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Baba Ramdev got nothing through hunger strike – just a letter of assurance from government

Baba Ramdev got nothing through hunger strike –
just a letter of assurance from government

4th June 2011 –
Baba Ramdev sat on the hunger strike on issues relating corruption and black money.

Baba Ramdev demanded following things government of India should do
demands for national cause –

1. About 400 Lac Crore of Black money, which is national property. Country must get it back.

2. Legislation of strong Lokpal Bill to completely remove corruption

3. Removal of foreign governing system in independent Bharat so that everyone can get social and economical justice

4.Enacting a law to confiscate black money - Government is already doing this

5.Surveillance on those visiting tax havens abroad - Reality is that government knows it already who goes and does what .

Baba said he will not demand a ban on high-denomination currency notes - Recall and abolish all highest currency denominations – 1000, 500, and if possible 100 Rs. Notes.

Baba Ramdev knew on Friday what government is going to say as deal was struck on Friday only.

All the drama was going on regarding hunger strike; in the evening Baba Ramdev said that he will soon announce the good news.

But in a government conference Union Minister Kapil Sibal's released the letter by Acharya Balkrishan, Ramdev's key aide Sibbal said that he would call off the agitation by mid-day.

On Friday the assurance was given by the government regarding three demands now the question is why Baba Ramdev did not told the Indian citizens about this understanding.

Why he kept everyone glued to Television what will happen next when Baba Ramdev knew about it.

Why Baba Ramdev kept everyone waiting and in the dark?

Now government has sent Baba Ramdev a letter assuring him following things.

1. A law will be made regarding black money

2. Black money will be declared as national asset for which a committee will be set up.

3. people guilty of corruption will be given exemplary punishment

Exemplary punishment does not mean death punishment or life imprisonment.

3 years or 5 years or 7 years of punishment can be also termed as exemplary punishment.
Do you remember any committee which was formed and the recommendations of that committee followed by government of India?

Lokpal bill is pending from year 1969 still we see that Government is not ready to accept the demands of Anna.

So what we got so what Ramdev Baba got?
A letter, a letter has no value in the eyes of law.

After signing a UN convention regarding black money government has to do all things.

More than sixty years we are listening we will remove poverty we will give electricity

Do you think government will pass a law and even if government passes a law after how many years you think a law will be passed by government of India?

Do you think hunger strike by Baba Ramdev achieved nothing except publicity?

Just think what Baba Ramdev got through this Hunger strike?

Do you think Baba Ramdev got Publicity?

Reality views by sm –
Saturday, June 04, 2011

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kiran sawhney June 05, 2011  

Of course he did it only for publicity.
He himself is so corrupt.

SM June 05, 2011  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

Rama Ananth June 05, 2011  

I also don't support the weird demands of Ramdev. Only his yoga followers may be forced to support him. If he focused on just getting the black money back to India it is different, but bringing in issues that are totally unrelated is really absurd. Who is advising him one wonders.He himself must be having black money to indulge in such large scale dubious activities, for you cannot spend so much money, and run a profitable business without having Black money. I feel people should not be swayed away by him, for he is good yoga teacher , but that doesn't make a smart political leader.
Some of his demands are totally not possible, even if he keeps fast until death. Somehow his fight is not so endearing to people as the sponatenous support that Anna Hazare could create among the people. Anna Hazare was demanding the right things in the right manner, and he didn't have a special class of supporters, such things should happen.
I am not so much into politics, but somehow I don't feel this agitation of Ramdev is going in the right direction.

Destination Infinity June 05, 2011  

At least he reminds the Govt and people of what needs to be done - Instead of being like us, who are all satisfied by doing nothing, practically.

Destination Infinity

deeps June 05, 2011  

Self glorification maybe the whole purpose… but at the end of this much hyped drama if his efforts can straighten a bend road or trigger a chain movement, that’s a huge thing…

Kirti,  June 05, 2011  

Yes, Babaji came close to agreement on three demands. But there were more demands. And possibly Babaji and sadhus were not good at pushing the government further or negotiating better.
Anna Hazare has probably political background and he was able to mobilise his movement better.But the sadhus were not.

sm,  June 05, 2011  


sm,  June 05, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

sm,  June 05, 2011  


sm,  June 05, 2011  


dr.antony June 05, 2011  

There was a statement that the demands of Anna Hassare and Baba Ramdev are just complimentary.But,like you had written,some of the demands are funny,like withdrawing 500and 1000rupee notes!

sm,  June 05, 2011  

I support the ban on Rs.1000 and 500.

Mirza Ghalib June 05, 2011  

Its a shame...barbaric and condemnable the biggest way possible. Kapil sibbal and Digvijay Singh are the real monstrous and double standard Mascot faces of congress and Manamohan ill Singh's most corrupt government till date since independence.....guess these are the changing times ...should these politicians realise ...early the better...we are ready for this change...lets weed out corrption from our society. Lets do our bit to support this satyagrah against corruption...Vandey Matram.

sm,  June 05, 2011  

Mirza Ghalib,,

Anju June 08, 2011  

I always knew politicians have money in swiss banks but this much !!! Before Baba's hunger strike I was not aware of it. I fully agree this money belongs to People of India and should be used for the welfare of Indian People.

I am not a supporter/follower of Baba in anyway. But the attack at midnight reminded me of Jaliawala Baagh and how reading about it in school we used to get the feeling of hatred for British Govt and now our own gov is doing it.

Studying in school that India is biggest democracy in the world. I used to be so proud of it. But banning anyone to voice their views can not be termed as Democracy.

Last thing, Baba may have his fault but here for sure govt has more and bigger things to hide if rather than assuring Indian people that it is working towards welfare of India if it starts attacking Baba to discredit him.

I searched net and there so many posts from very reliable sources to support Baba's claim of black money.

SM June 08, 2011  


Tej Kohli June 13, 2011  

These people who are spitting venom against baba ramdev above, dont seems to understand what's the purpose of whole fight...why is your mentality only limited to publicity? and even if he is corrupt, the issue he is fighting for is important for the development of country. I thinks Indians have become more accustomed to live like rats, this is why when anyone raises voice, they come up to pull him back!!

SM June 13, 2011  

Tej Kohli,,