04 May 2011

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Suresh Kalmadi sent to Judicial Custody till May 18

Suresh Kalmadi sent to Judicial Custody till May 18

Today Delhi court extended the judicial custody of Suresh Kalmadi.
He will be sent to the Tihar Jail.
Suresh Kalmadi will be kept in Tihar Jail until May 18.

On 26th April Patiala House Court remanded Suresh Kalmadi to eight days of police custody. Two other senior officials of the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee
Surjeet Lal and ASV Prasad have also been sent to police custody for eight days.

Now again custody has been extended. Now Suresh Kalmadi and other 2 will be sent to Jail in connection with commonwealth games corruption.

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Reality Views by sm-
Wednesday, May 04, 2011

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Kirtivasan,  May 04, 2011  

Suresh Kalmadi is relatively safe in timer contracts deal as there was approval from PMO official.

It is in Queen's baton relay scam that he may have a problem.

Any suggestions, sm, whether Kalmadi can be saved considering you have wide foreign exchange knowledge?

SM May 04, 2011  

Basic Problem in India is that the rules are made in a way that law will be broke by everyone with loopholes.
In every case he can face the problem if there is a will.
Just think - Patel, Kalmadi,
why they have not started the procedure to bring Patel to India.

Kirtivasan,  May 04, 2011  

There is a will to arrest Suresh Kalmadi. But unfortunately no will was shown in organising CWG.

It is the person who showed his identity proof and got the foreign exchange deal done is actually corrupt. Not Suresh Kalmadi.

Kirtivasan,  May 04, 2011  

And for the L1 and other issues, Finance Minister should take moral responsibility.

Kirtivasan,  May 04, 2011  

It is the authorities who need to be blamed. There
should be a balance sheet part. Then there should be a games part. Indian government without understanding this is appointing Shunglu Committee. Will the PM pay from his own pocket the expenses occured for Shunglu Committee?

SM May 04, 2011  

Simple question =
ABC is raping a girl in the office of Mr.D Mr. D is watching.
who is responsible.
both are responsible.
this is reason we need to amend the laws and bring liability and accountability with every rule ,every commission.
Commission and committees are required but they should be allowed to file police case.
our laws fail on this test.

Thief says make my inquiry and give me that report this is India.

Every person who has signed the document is responsible for that loss.

For this you will need to understand basic legal concept of Mens Rea

In future i will write on that.

SM May 04, 2011  

Another thing about our legal system is that

British king made this legal system to rule the slave colony called as India.

2nd when we got independence British Left and Indians started to rule the slaves of India using same legal system.

3rd thing when British people made rule the rules were made in such a way that even if British man rapes a girl infront of bilion people.Law will not be able to punish that British king and ruler and British Man.

4th British King, ruler and British Man left and Indians started to use the same system.

SM May 04, 2011  

I will suggest you should read the articles written under LABEL - Reforms for INDIA

Kirtivasan,  May 05, 2011  

In my legal views a five star jail should be made.
So that VIPs can be jailed there.

Kirtivasan,  May 05, 2011  

I do not agree to your views that British made Indian specific laws and Indians followed it.

It is our collective fault.

Kirtivasan,  May 05, 2011  

We have seen MPs and MLAs throwing chairs, chappals at each other. I have seen it with my eyes.

I am also a criminal. Seeing a crime happening and doing nothing about it.

Kirtivasan,  May 05, 2011  

There is a concept called as weighted average. In
legal system this should be there. A rape of a minor should be looked more seriously than a rape of an older lady.

Islamic law probably does not have this. You lost an eye remove the other person's eye.

sm,  May 05, 2011  

Read the every chapter of Legal History which i have written.
British People took more than 200 Years to develope it.

India got independence after passing of Law in UK.

Its our Fault that we are selfish and coward afraid of Danda.

Read Islamic law has a concept of Blood Money.
Read the Legal history every chapter.

Kirtivasan,  May 05, 2011  

British came to India on a friendly basis. For trading.

When locales could not understand their custom and started misbehaving then they did what seemed right to them.

Islam is an offensive religion. They have only destroyed Hindu temples and call us Khafirs. Only because we were peaceful and non-violent.

sm,  May 05, 2011  

First Muslims Came to India then ruled us.
Then French, Portuguese and British came to India
British defeated everyone one in India and then ruled us.
Ruled us and gave the birth to the country called as India.
Before that India never existed there were all small kingdoms ruled by different kings from centuries.

Every religion is bad no religion is good.
Religion is created to make the females the slave of a male human race.