14 May 2011

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Supreme Court Bans Use Sale Production of Endosulfan Pesticide

Supreme Court Bans Use Sale Production of Endosulfan Pesticide

For Next 8 Weeks Supreme Court of India has banned the production, sale and use of controversial pesticide Endosulfan in the country.
Supreme Court of India said that human life is more important than anything else.

A bench headed by Chief Justice S H Kapadia said that "Keeping in mind various judgments of this court under Article 21 (right to life and liberty) of the Constitution and particularly keeping in mind the precautionary
Principle we, hereby, direct and pass ad-interim order for immediate ban on production and use of Endosulfan all over India.

The bench also directed the statutory authorities to freeze the production licenses granted to the manufacturers of the controversial pesticide till its further order.

The bench also ordered two separate detailed studies on the adverse effects of Endosulfan on human life and environment by two committees, headed respectively
by Indian Council Medical Research (ICMR) director general and the agricultural commissioner and sought their reports within eight weeks.

It said the report submitted to the court will be the amalgamation of the above two expert committees' reports.

The bench said the expert committee will submit its interim report on whether the pesticide should be banned or its existing stock should be eliminated in phases and
if there is any alternative to the controversial pesticide.

During the hearing, the bench said that human life is more important than anything else.
The court passed its order on petition filed by CPIM's youth wing Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) seeking country-wide ban on sale and production
of Endosulfan in its present form or any other derivatives in the market.

DYFI had contended in its petition that a large section of people was directly affected because of the use of Endosulfan, already banned in 81 countries.

The petitioner had said several studies had documented that the pesticide could also affect human development. It gave example of serious health hazards caused in
Kerala's Kasaragod district.

According to the petitioner, researchers studying children from an isolated village in Kasaragod district have linked Endosulfan exposure to delays in sexual maturity
among boys.

Endosulfan is an off-patent organochlorine insecticide and acaricide.
The petitioner had said that Endosulfan was the only pesticide applied to cashew plantations in Kasaragod for 20 years and contaminated the environment there.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Rahul September 07, 2011  

We people of India are careless about what goes into our food , maybe because we have been blessed by a good soil and abundant crops which were always healthy.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides often get into the crop and then into anyone who consumes them this is outright dangerous to the entire nation and hence needs to be handled very carefully.

It is much better to rely on organic fertilizers and pesticides.