11 May 2011

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Rahul Gandhi Arrested by UP Police in Bhatta Parsaul Village

Rahul Gandhi Arrested by UP Police in Bhatta Parsaul Village

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi early today visited the Bhatta Parsaul village in Uttar Pradesh's Greater Noida

"Rahul Gandhi who went to the village to meet the protesting farmers is himself sitting on strike and that is hampering the law and order situation there.

Four people were killed in Bhatta Parsaul village when agitating farmers, protesting land acquisition, and police exchanged gunfire Saturday.

Police told Rahul Gandhi to leave the village but he denied and said that he will not go until and unless the demands of villagers are fulfilled.

Under section 151 and section 144 of Indian Penal Code Uttar Pradesh police arrested Rahul Gandhi
Uttar Pradesh Police arrested Rita Bahuguna and Digvijay Singh also.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Rakesh Kumar May 12, 2011  

Due to the news of Rahul Gandhi's arrest ,my proagmme today in 'Manthan' of Zee News channel(6.30 to 7.00AM) had to be dropped.

Kirtivasan,  May 12, 2011  

Tolerance is zero in us. The PM himself is subject to verbal accusations as if he is a personal servant. A high Congress official is treated like a petty criminal.

Patience and tolerance are needed especially by policemen.

sm,  May 12, 2011  

Rakesh Kumar,,

Amrit May 12, 2011  

It is all drama. I do not read too much into it.

Destination Infinity May 12, 2011  

I am not sure how going and talking to farmers would be against the law!

sm,  May 13, 2011  


sm,  May 13, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

sm,  May 13, 2011