30 May 2011

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Iran Plans to Ban Global Internet and start National Islamic Internet No outside Internet Halal National Internet in Iran

Iran Plans to Ban Global Internet and start National
Islamic Internet
No outside Internet Halal National Internet in Iran

Iran is a Muslim Country.
As its very difficult to control and censor the global internet now Iran has decided to ban the global internet.
Iran is planning to start their own internet network limited only to Iran.

The internet will follow the Muslim Laws, will be Halal Internet.
Halal means compliant with Islamic law.
Halal means something which follows the Sharia Law.

Last February Reza Bagheri Asl, director of the telecommunication ministry's research institute, told an Iranian news agency that soon 60% of the nation's homes and businesses would be on the new, internal network.
Within two years it would extend to the entire country.

Ali Aghamohammadi, Iran's head of economic affairs, said that Iran's national Internet will be "a genuinely halal network, aimed at Muslims on an ethical and moral level,"

One of the reasons to start Halal [Muslim Limited] Iran National Internet is that it will stop the spreading of thoughts of democracy and freedoms and human rights and liberties which are above the religious books.

Currently all the computers use Windows Operating system few use Linux and Mac etc.
Majority people use Windows OS.

Now Iran is planning to introduce its own operating system and replace windows operating system.

Iran Government should understand that future is the democracy with or without Internet when kings and religious terror people will harass common man
one day common man will revolt.

Common man will take the law in his hands and he will destroy the evil minded people for his liberty and freedom of thought and speech.

Ban is not the solution.

To succeed in this Iran has to first disconnect Telephone connections from the outside world.
Every type of Telephone connection to outside world will be required to be baned to implement and start its own Halal Internet in Iran.

Otherwise Iran People will dial the Number and get connected to the Global Network.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

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kiran sawhney May 30, 2011  

In today's times, who can live without global internet?
Imagine- Halal internet. Sounds bad.

Renu May 30, 2011  

so ridiculous...

Kirtivasan Ganesan May 30, 2011  

Internet works on peer to peer protocol. That is a surfer is treated same as another surfer.

A Halal internet, in my opinion is against the basics of internet.

sm,  May 30, 2011  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

sm,  May 30, 2011  


sm,  May 30, 2011  


Raza,  April 29, 2012  


Halal internet is best idea as one cannot take control over internet access for e.g. porn sites. 30% of world internet traffic is opening porn sites....so are we safe in our houses with little children seeing porn material?