19 May 2011

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Caste Religion Survey Approved by Government Soon Officers will visit and ask you what is your caste? What is your religion?

Caste Religion Survey Approved by Government
Soon Officers will visit and ask you what is your caste?
What is your religion?

Today Government of India approved a proposal to conduct a survey based on caste, religion and economic conditions.

What survey will find based on caste and religion?
the survey based on Caste and Religion will help government in identifying people living below and above the poverty line and their social backgrounds.

The census will begin in June and cost the exchequer Rs 3,500 crore. The last caste census was carried out in pre-Independent India in 1931.

What is the reason this selfish political parties give for demanding caste based census survey?
Political Parties who give the reason that a caste census will help the Centre and state governments in developing welfare schemes targeting specific groups.

SM –
Will help to give election tickets based on Caste and Religion as readymade database will be available for all political parties.

Census officers will distribute questionnaires regarding caste and religion asking just two questions to respondents:
What is your caste ?
And what is your religion?

SM –
This will divide Indian population it should be a crime to ask the person his caste and religion.

Do you think Patel or Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar will agree with this type of survey by government?

This is the major mistake by Government of India.

There is no relation between poverty and religion and caste.

It’s very simple to identify poor people of India.

Will you distribute food equally to all poor people or you will distribute more food to one caste as there population is more, and other poor people belonging to other caste are less in number so ignore them.

What is your caste and Religion?
Are you Indian or Are You Hindu or Are you Muslim?

I am Indian Who are you?

Who are you to ask me my caste and my religion?

The caste and religion which insulated thousands of poor people of India how can you proudly talk and ask about it.

It’s like in America asking and doing a survey?

Mr. John is you black?
Mr. John are you nigar or Negro?

I have no intention to hurt the feelings of any black or dalit person.

Government should cancel the survey based on Caste and Religion.

Survey based on economic standards and salary will give every type of Information to make and form new policies for the benefit of India.

Survey based on Caste and Religion will only benefit political parties to prepare for the elections and use and make new policies to divide the Indians on the name of Caste and Religion.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Destination Infinity May 19, 2011  

In the recently concluded elections in TN, the caste based parties did not fare well. Govt might want to take this point into consideration.

Destination Infinity

sm,  May 19, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

Enigma May 20, 2011  

We all know very well the scenario of the effects of reservations in India.

As said, can't a person from open category be poor, or can't a person from reserved be a richling?

Reservation according to me makes no sense. At least not for the education system. Let us see how this survey goes. Although I don't have any expectations of it!

sm,  May 20, 2011  

It will be waste of Tax payers Money.

Anonymous,  May 25, 2011  

I feel an artificial intelligence program can be written to know about caste and religion. There will be a lot of money saved. Such money can be utilized for some other purpose.