21 April 2011

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Why corrupt people want Civil Society Members should resign? Full Faith in Civil Society Members of Jan Lokpal Drafting Committee

Why corrupt people want Civil Society Members should resign?
Full Faith in Civil Society Members of Jan Lokpal Drafting Committee

Civil Society Members Draft is in open and now no body can change that draft easily.
For every article, section government will need to explain thus there will be a debate.

Now a suppose new Jan Lokpal Committee members join what will happen?

New team members of Jan Lokpal Bill will say that we want to make and draft our own new law thus; the original Jan Lokpal bill will go to dustbin.

Do you want Jan Lokpal bill version 2.1 should go to Dustbin?

I do not want that.

Few Corrupt people are saying that Jan Lokpal member committee members are not honest.

Let me tell you Jan Lokpal bill draft and law do not have provision which says that
The committee members will not be charged under this law lokpal bill for doing corruption.

Let the Jan Lokpal bill be passed then using same Jan Lokpal bill law every corrupt Indian citizen even if someone is from Jan Lokpal drafting committee bill will be punished as strictly as possible.

Why suddenly they are talking about the dishonesty of Committee members?

Think do you think a thief has a right to say that another person is thief.

Do you think a person who does Dalali can be trusted?

This is an open appeal to Civil Society members of drafting committee please do not resign from committee.

This is an appeal to Hegde and Bhushans again please do not resign from the drafting committee.

If you will resign again the Lokpal Bill will be delayed and Politicians will say and blame you for this delay.

Whatever may happen and what ever may say

India trusts you and Indian believes in our Jan Lokpal Bill.

Just see that Jan Lokpal bill gets passed.

Do not compromise on Jan Lokpal Bill provisions.

Do not bend before corrupt politicians. Corrupt Indians Once Jan Lokpal bill gets they will have to stop their business or may have to reduce their corrupt ways of earning millions and billions.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Rama Ananth April 21, 2011  

I totally agree with you. Fault finders would always be finding fault and try to escape, and these people should not talk of resigning for every little criticism that are thrown at them. Their job is to see that everything is fool proof, and get going with the job they have undertaken.

SM April 21, 2011  


Teamgsquare April 21, 2011  

Yes , politicians are playing dirty games to get them out of this draft committee . I wish that they prevail the test of time . We all will support the lights of Hedges and Bushans .

SM April 21, 2011  

Team G Square,,

Jon April 22, 2011  

Yes, this is all part of a game to stall Jan Lok Pal. Having said that I won't say I have full faith in the cleaan image of Civil members.