20 April 2011

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Railways Reward 4 $ for Rajdhani heroes for saving 900 Lives – Bravery Reward just 4$

Railways Reward 4 $ for Rajdhani heroes for saving 900 Lives –
Bravery Reward just 4$

On Monday alert panty staff of the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express avoided a major tragedy and saved hundreds of lives when three coaches of the train caught fire.

A major fire had engulfed three coaches.
Railway authorities said the fire was reported to have begun in the pantry car and spread to two adjoining coaches, B6 and B7.

There were 900 people on train but because of bravery of Pantry Staff, their intelligence and courage no person was injured or got killed in this major tragedy

For this act of bravery and courage Indian Railways has awarded rewarded just Rs. 3000 to 19 pantry workers, which works out to Rs. 158 per person.

As per Current conversion rate 1 American dollar is equal to 44.33 Indian Rupees.

158 Indian Rupees are equal to 3.5638 $ American dollar

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Bikramjit Singh Mann April 20, 2011  

:) can i please smile now ... that was a sarcastic smile.. what can the railway do the ministers and officers have done so much ghapla they ahve eaten all the money where will be the money left for the award
WERE they not ASHAMED while announcing the awards I hope the pantry people say no to it ...


Saritha April 20, 2011  

Sharing this in fb,thanks

chitra April 20, 2011  

Poor things. So much for their efforts. But I am sure reward was last thing in their mind while saving precious lives. the authorities need to be ashamed of giving peanuts to the pantry heroes.

Mohini Puranik April 20, 2011  

But they are giving at least something, isn't it a big reward? but are they really giving or only declaring? Rs. 3000 is too much for 19 workers. Actually they shouldn't have saved people! Don't think that, if ministers are doing big scams then hat is 3000 if they give legally as a reward, they don't want to miss a single rupee!

sm,  April 20, 2011  

Bikramjit Singh Mann,,

sm,  April 20, 2011  


sm,  April 20, 2011  


sm,  April 20, 2011  


RNSANE April 21, 2011  

How heroic and wonderful of these men who put their own lives in danger to save others. They certainly deserve reoognition and a reward - but it seems people are intimating that there is corruption among the men offering the reward and that funds may not be available to issue the rewards.

sm,  April 21, 2011  


SANDEEP PANWAR April 21, 2011  

जाट देवता की राम-राम,
अगर ये तीन हजार भी ना देते तो हम/कोई भी क्या इनकी पूँछ उखाड लेते?

SM April 21, 2011