08 April 2011

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Why Anna Hazare is right – Regarding his Hunger strike and demand for Jan Lokpal Bill Do not be fooled by Politicians or anyone

Why Anna Hazare is right – Regarding his Hunger strike and
demand for Jan Lokpal Bill

Do not be fooled by Politicians or anyone

Today I read an article in DNA news paper saying that demand of Anna is right but his method is wrong.

From few days I read articles saying, debating why Anna is wrong.
Anna is doing emotional blackmail etc.

I feel what Anna is doing is right, his way of demand is right.

I fully support his fast unto death for the benefit of India for the Good law called as Jan Lokpal Bill.

The people who say Anna is not right but these people do not give or provide any solution for the eradication of disease called as Corruption.

Every Indian is suffering from this disease called as Corruption which is more dangerous than AIDS, Cancer or china or Pakistan.

Anna is demanding a good law that law will help to control the corruption.

How the law is made in India?

How the change happens in every country.

To change a nation Every Individual of that country or say the country got only 4 options and using those options a country keeps changing and progressing.

Option One –
To make good laws. Introduction of good laws.
Law is made by politician legislature;
Supreme Court of India does not make law in India.

Option two –
Form a new political party and win the majority in upper house and lower house
then do what you want to do and make the laws which you want.

Option three –
If you got the character, if you are popular then go on fast until death then the government because of fear of losing votes it will start to talk on that matter will accept your demand.

Option Four –
Violence, Become Naxalvadi start a war against government.

If you know any other way of bringing change in any country please let me know.

Now again back to Lok Pal bill.

Last 42 years Lok pal bill is pending in India.
No government is ready to make and pass the bill Lokpal Bill and make it a law.

Government is planning to bring a lokpal bill but that lok pal bill is useless and powerless.
As per this Bill also Lokpal will obey the politicians. He will not be free to do what he feels right as per Indian Law and Constitution.
Lokpal will do what Politicians say is right.

Jan Lok pal bill has got more powers. This Lokpal bill gives more powers who will do what law says and Indian citizens expects he will not do and obey what politicians want , he will act as per law not favoring any one.

Now Let us discuss 4 options

First option in India politicians is failed in India. Politicians, law makers do not pass good laws in India, they are kept pending forever.

2nd option -
forming a new political party in India, today when Congress can not get majority
do you think new political party will be formed, then it will fight election and then it will change the laws of India.
To bring change and to bring new law this option no.2 is also difficult and will become again very slow process.

People say Anna should stand for election, but you should remember few good people will get elected but they need majority in both the upper and lower house.

Thus standing for election will not serve the purpose; it will not bring any change.
Few people can not pass a law in parliament it needs support of every one.

Option Four –
Violence becoming Naxals, starting war against government of India.
Sorry I do not support this option this option is last option.

Remaining last and only one option is fast unto death to get the justice.

Today Anna is popular in people thus government is listening him.

Just think if you and me will sit on the hunger strike, police will come they will beat us and keep us in jail without reasons, and we will do nothing, no Indian will come to help us.

But Anna is very popular government knows this, thus pressure is building on government to bring new good law against corruption.

Last sixty years government has not brought a single good law against corruption

Everything happens in India only because of Supreme Court of India or because of the people like Anna.

Supreme Court ordered government to bring Police Reforms but no government has brought Police Reforms.

Supreme Court said give food free, Government says we will though food in Gutter but we won’t give food free.

From water connection, school, collage admission, job, buying property, registration of property, getting driving license, passport for everything we pay bribe.

Bribe and corruption has become our way of life.

How many Indians you know who are ready to go to Police station?

How many Indians you know who visit there politicians office elected or not elected?

How many Indians you know who has complained to government officer regarding dirt in his area?

I am sorry to say but the situation is that we are afraid to do anything, even if someone goes to authority he faces so many troubles that he never goes to complain again.

Now which option Anna or we the Citizens of India got.

Please tell me what Anna should do to get this law passed I have already told you four options. If you know any other option let me know.

Thus time has come for India to revolt peacefully by doing hunger strike for the good Jan Lokpal Bill.

Anna has no option but to go on Fast until death for the benefit of India.

Give the Solution then reject the solution of others.

Reality views by sm –
Thursday, April 07, 2011

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Aditya Kumar Nayak April 08, 2011  


Really liked your post. I have compiled a list of top 15 posts on the issue and I included yours too. Here is the link:


Atlanta Roofing April 08, 2011  

It is high time there was a act to try these politicians waiting to squander the country and escaping without any punishment our full support to Anna Hazare .Please let us know the person in Chennai where we could register to join this movement.

sm,  April 08, 2011  

Aditya Kumar Nayak,,

sm,  April 08, 2011  

Atlanta Roofing,,
thanks.I will try to find out this info.

Destination Infinity April 08, 2011  

At least one man has the guts to fight, and that too peacefully, how can this be wrong? The Govt has to act and pass the bill fast.

Destination Infinity

Mohini Puranik April 09, 2011  

Now the strike is over, and I am sorry I am late, I couldn't be online yesterday. But I had read your article the very day you published it. I really appreciate your vision and analysis from the heart. Thanks for giving link to my blog. We may agree or disagree, but what I wanted there should be at least thinking before going to be driven by anybody. I don't find it useful and right morally too, that we need always someone for hunger strike. this makes our generations frustrated and weak. as you can see the responses got to me, all this is nothing but frustration. when will we grow?
About last point, we may give other solution or not still this doesn't justify hunger strike. and we have the right to think and write independent thoughts as your blog suggests. And if we don't have the complete solution this doesn't mean that we should surrender some wrong way. By this we are accepting slaves' attitude and destroys the chances to grow further.

sm,  April 09, 2011  

As there is no option available then We must support Anna.
If we do not support Anna then who will fight for us in future against corruption.

Mohini Puranik April 10, 2011  

Hi SM! I understand your vision, seriously, but I cant express now how my mind became so in some short words.

sm,  April 10, 2011  


Rakesh Vanamali April 11, 2011  

Wonderful post! Apt and very descriptive of facts!

sm,  April 11, 2011  

V Rakesh,,

Unknown May 06, 2011  


sm,  May 07, 2011