08 April 2011

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SC Orders government to implement high security registration plates implement 2008 judgment or face contempt of court punishment

SC Orders government to implement high security registration
plates implement 2008 judgment or face contempt of court punishment

In 2001 centre government issued a notification making HSRP high security registration mandatory.

Later Maninderjit Singh Bitta filed a petition and gave judgment in 2008.

The court on May 8, 2008 had asked the governments to make modifications in the HSRP scheme drafted by the Centre and implement it within 6 months, a deadline which was extended from time to time.

The Supreme Court bench comprising Chief Justice S H Kapadia and Justices K S Radhakrishnan and Swatanter Kumar told the Centre and states to speedily implement the policy on installation of high security registration plates (HSRP) in 9 crore vehicles across the country.

Supreme Court bench issued contempt notices to the transport secretaries of Delhi, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh for non implementation of its 8 May 2008 Judgment.

Supreme Court also warned that if there was deliberate delay in implementing the court's order, then the transport secretary concerned would not only face punishment under the Contempt of Court Act but also end up paying heavy fine from his pocket.

SC also said that it’s the duty of government executive that to implement the court's order within the stipulated time, especially when the issue concerned safety of citizens, which was of paramount interest for the governments.

Supreme Court also ordered transport secretaries of Delhi, UP and Punjab to file their personal affidavits within four weeks and if they failed to do then they will be to be personally present in court during the next hearing.

The court also directed those states which have initiated the process of implementation of HSRPs to complete it within 6 weeks.

Supreme Court also said that it’s in the public interest
the plates will help to track down stolen vehicles through a GPS security chip attached to HSRPs to prevent its misuse for terrorist and disruptive activities.

Each high security registration plates are estimated to cost between Rs 500 to Rs 1,000.

What are the benefits, advantages of HSRP?
car jacking or thefts would be reduced

For police it will make Easy to identify traffic offences, stolen vehicles and vehicles involved in crimes.

It will become very easy to find out hit and run or accident cars.

Implementation of automatic toll collection, reducing time spent on collection.

The HSRP will help to track down stolen cars also.

Will limit the use of cars by terrorist also.

What are the salient features of HSRP?

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India has amended Rule 50 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 to make uniform pattern of displaying registration mark throughout India.

The HSRP system will provide the registration mark to be displayed at front, rear and on windshield of the vehicles. Salient features of HSRP system –

In HSRP system, the affixing of registration plate would be carried out either within the RTO premises or at the designated premises authorised by the Transport Department of the State.

Plate will be made of 1.0mm aluminium of DIN/745/DIN 1783 02 ISO-7591 with round corners and registration mark exhibited in English and Arabic numerals hot-stamped.
The registration mark will have reflective sheets of imperishable nature guaranteed for a minimum five years.

Each plate shall be protected against counterfeiting by applying chromium-based hologram of hot-stamping containing IND of blue colour at left centre of plate.

The plates will be fastened with non-removable-non-reusable snap lock.

The HSRP will be tamper-proof and non-replaceable.
Any attempt made to remove or replace the number plate will break the snap lock making it impossible to instal any other number plate.
Any attempt to remove the third plate in the form of a self-destructive chromium based hologram sticker, affixed on the windshield will spoil/break the sticker itself making it non-reusable.

The number plate will be fitted within the premises of registering authority or at any other place designated by the Transport Department of the State concerned.


What is the role of Central Government, relating to introduction of HSRP?


The role of Central Govt. is limited to:

• Notifying the standards and specifications of High Security Registration Plates.

• Notifying the testing agencies who are to test the plates and give Type Approval to vendors based on these specifications.

• Notifying the date of implementation.

What is the role of State Government, relating to introduction of HSRP?

The role of State Govt. is:

• To implement the scheme in accordance with the rules framed by Central Government.

• To select the vendors from among those who have been given Type Approval Certificate by the authorized testing agencies under Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

• After selection of vendor, to make sure that proper controls are being exercised at the time of issuance of these plates.

Which testing agencies have been authorized to give Type Approval certificate?


They are:

• Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), Delhi, Mathura Road, P.O. CRRI, New Delhi-20

• Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), P.B. 832, Pune- 411004

• Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Vahan Nagar, Ahmed Nagar-414006


Who can be selected by State to sell/affix HSRP?


Any prospective vendor can obtain type approval certificate from any of the authorized testing agencies and thereafter can participate in the selection procedure by the State Governments. It is for the State Govt. to select a vendor or vendors.

Does Central Government grant License/appoint distributor/give franchise?

The Central Government does not grant license or appoint distributor/ give franchise to any vendor.

How many vendors have got type approval?

As on date following 18 vendors have got type approval certificate from authorized testing agencies.

List of Vendors who got the approval

M/s Shimnit Utsch India pvt. Ltd,
8th floor, Regent Chambers, Nariman Point,

M/s Utsav Safety System (P) Ltd.
E-1/12, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi-110 057

M/s Real Industries India Ltd.
34,Rama Road,
New Delhi-110 015

Promuk Hoffmann,
International Limited,
204,Swapnalok Complex,
92,S.D.Road, Secunderabad-500003.

Eastern (Steel & Saws) Industries Pvt. Ltd.
B-10, Deonar village Road,
Deonar, Mumbai-400038,

M/s Omish Traders
Social Compound, Marol Pipline
Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai-400059 From ARAI

M/s Metro Wilhem Grewe Ltd.
B-92, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase-I
New Delhi-110064

M/s Almighty Impex Pvt. Ltd.
C-791, New Friends Colony
New Delhi-110065

M/s. D.D.Licence Plates, Div. of
D.D.Ind. Ltd.
F1/9.Okla Industrial Area Phase-I
New Delhi-110020 From ARAI

M/s. Emperor Granites Pvt. Ltd.
Uttam House, 69, P.D. Mellow Road, Carnac Bundr, Mumbai-400009

M/s Signs India Ltd.
810 (Old 406), Anna Salai,
Mount Road, Nandanam,
Chennai-600 035.

Rayson’s Mid Road Sign Craft
Pvt. Ltd.
39-A, First floor, B.J.B Nagar

M/s. Celex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Poddar Pont, 10th floor,
Block ‘A’,
113, Park Street,
Kolkata – 700 016. From ARAI

M/s. Road Sketch Pvt. Ltd.
Flat No.80, MIG Flats,
Loni Road, Shahdara,
Delhi-110 032

Hind Industries Limited,
A-1, Phase-I,
Okhla Industrial Area,
New Delhi-110 020 From ARAI

Agros Impex (I) Pvt. Ltd.
202, Composite House,
170, Prajapat Nagar,
Opp: B-2, Gulmohar Park,
New Delhi – 110 049

M/S.Arch Promoters Pvt. Ltd.,
D-103, Defence Colony,
New Delhi-110 024 From CRRI

RSD Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
B-68, Sector 36,
From ARAI.

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kiran sawhney April 08, 2011  

so this means we all need to get our registration plates changed?
Is it a full proof method of avoiding theft of cars?

kiran sawhney April 08, 2011  

and thanks for your comments on the video.

Kirtivasan Ganesan April 08, 2011  

Government commits without ascertaining whether there is a mechanism for implementation or not.
There are lots of instances where this has happened.
It is an insult to government seal. Government seal must be withdrawn and should not be put by
the concerned minister whenever there is a doubt.

Renu April 08, 2011  

deadlines are always extended..it may fare like voter ID.

sm,  April 08, 2011  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,
will not stop thefts, but will reduce

sm,  April 08, 2011  


Mangala April 08, 2011  

Hi, kindly visit my blog n accept the award.

SM April 08, 2011  


jaf4646 April 24, 2011  

opponents of the plan say that duplicate number plates with hologram stickers, laser markings, retro reflective type films and letters ‘IND' in blue, as mentioned in the HSRP, have flooded the market. Vehicle dealers already sell these to buyers of new cars at exorbitant rates.

It is being contended that the HSRP does not provide any added advantage nor does it enhance the security compared to the conventional number plates. It can be repainted or changed since the tag screws/snap locks that fasten the number plates in the front and rear can be easily removed. Those who steal vehicles and use them for criminal purposes can misuse the facility since duplicate snap locks are readily available in the market. Duplicates of hologram stickers and retro reflective film, with the inscription ‘IND' too can be easily found, say number plate manufacturers. Laser marking will not be of much use in identifying vehicles. Similar types of markings can be made using paints and stickers, it is being argued.

SM April 24, 2011  


hsrp india November 16, 2011  

Laser number :All HSRP have a laser identification number etched on the surface, which cannot be erased and is unique for every HSRP throughout India.

Vehicle Security December 29, 2011  

Form and manner of display of registration marks on the motor vehicles as per Central Motor Vehicles rules,According to sub-section (6) of section 41,on or after commencement of this rule, the registration mark referred to shall be displayed both at the front, rear and windshield of all vehicles clearly and legibly in the form of security license plate of the following specifications, namely.

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