28 April 2011

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Understand Purulia Arms Drop Case in Depth Time Line – Enemy inside India – Kim Davy and Peter the arm drop accused expose

Understand Purulia Arms Drop Case in Depth Time Line – Enemy inside India – Kim Davy and Peter the arm drop accused expose Times Now

18 December 1995 –
A weapon consignment was dropped by the Kim Davy and his team from the sky over Joupur Jhalda area under Purulia District of west Bengal.
Next morning consignment of arms was found.

What is the real of Kim Davy?
The real name of the Kim Davy is Niels Christian Nielsen

Who were the seven members’s who dropped illegal arms in India in Purulia District.
Below are the names of accused that dropped illegal arms in India in Purulia District.

Kim Davy – Danish Citizen

Peter Bleach - British citizen

Alexander klichine, - Latvian citizen

Oleg gaidash – Latvian citizen

Igor moskvitine - Latvian citizen

Igor timmerman - Latvian citizen

Evgueni antimenko - Latvian citizen

Below is the photo of Peter Bleach and other accused in Jail.

All the seven accused person who dropped illegal arms in India were arrested except Kim Davy
who escaped from airport.

The Court found all of them Guilty and gave them Life Imprisonment.

Peter Bleach - British citizen – was a Special Air Service operative turned mercenary who was based in Yorkshire and involved in arms dealing
Mr Bleach, who ran an arms supply company called Aeroserve UK.

Antonov An-26 aircraft a Latvian aircraft dropped a large consignment of arms including several hundred AK-47 rifles and more than a million rounds of ammunition over a large area in Jhalda, Ghatanga, Belamu, Maramu villages of Purulia district

After few days again the same plane reentered into the Indian Territory airspace it was intercepted by the Indian Air Force MiG-21 and forced to land in Mumbai.
Then he was arrested. He was accused of parachuting crates of assault rifles, rocket launchers and grenades from a cargo plane.

Mr Bleach says he told his local North Yorkshire Police Special Branch about the planned delivery in August 1995 - as soon as he discovered it was illegal.

That time it was said that arms were intended for the socio-spiritual organization Ananda Marga (Sanskrit for "The Path of Bliss").

December 17, 1995
An Antonov AN 26 Latvian Aircraft carrying Peter Bleach, Kim Peter Davy, a five-member Latvian crew and a still-at-large South African - Daya M. Anand alias Deepak, flies into India from Karachi. The plane lands at Varanasi airport and refuels.

The Aircraft stays parked at Varanasi Airport for over seven hours while Davy, Deepak and Latvian cargo handler tie the crates containing weapons to cargo parachutes.

Mysteriously there is no move to seize the plane despite intelligence from Britain on three occasions of an imminent arms drop

December 18 1995 –

The plane digresses from an approved flight path and drops its deadly cargo over Jhalda in Purulia district.

Strangely the Radar at a local IAF air base doesn’t catch the straying plane. Some say the radar was switched off. The Plane then rejoins the approved flight path and lands for refueling at Calcutta Airport. Mysteriously there is no move to seize it despite prior information

1995 - British authorities informed to the Indian authorities in November 1995, five weeks before the arms drop took place.

December 19-21, 1995 –
Sahar Airport ATC is alerted by the Air Force in Delhi that a plane is flying over its territory without authorization. Fear of collision with incoming aircraft prompts ATC Sahar to ask the AN-26B to land.

The Customs, ignorant of the Purulia case, nab Bleach and five others on charges of hiding the seventh person - Kim Davy, who is named in the flight manifest but is already missing. Davy claims he had jumped the wall of the airport and made a break.

Over the next three days Kim Davy and the others stay in Puket in Thailand. While there they get approval for return flight to Karachi flying over Indian Air space touching at Calcutta. This despite an IB Alert at all Indian Airports detailing call sign and description of the aircraft

July 1993 – BBC news reported that In Delhi there was a Congress government and in West Bengal there was a Communist government and the two are not the best of friends.

"And I think somebody saw this report from the British and I think it's possible somebody decided to take advantage of this."

An armed insurgency in West Bengal would have allowed Delhi to have impose direct rule on the state and oust the ruling Communists.

Peter Bleach and the aircrew - two of whom are seriously ill - face a trial that experts say could last for ten years, since there are hundreds of witnesses to be heard.

After six months of sporadic hearings, the trial has heard from just six witnesses.

Mr Bleach tells the programme: "I'm not guilty. I've seen it said in the newspapers that it would be a shame if I hang for my naivety.

"I don't think it should be naive to report a terrorist incident and expect the police to do something about it. But apparently it is.

"I think it's extraordinary that you can obey the law and end up in jail for reporting a terrorist incident."

The programme also says the man behind the plot, Niels Christian Nielson, used the stolen identity of Kim Davy throughout his dealings with Peter Bleach.

He also forced Mr Bleach onto the plane which dropped the arms.

Nielson, a Dane, is a 'monk' in the Ananda Marga, and is one of Interpol's most wanted men.

The international force says he has 46 known aliases, and is wanted for questioning in a number of countries about smuggling, money laundering and forgery.

Investigations by the BBC have revealed that the arms were on their way to a religious sect called Ananda Marga.

The organisation carries out humanitarian aid in some of the world's poorest areas, but has a darker side. It is based in West Bengal and for years has been at odds with the Communist government there.

The programme also says the man behind the plot, Niels Christian Nielson, used the stolen identity of Kim Davy throughout his dealings with Peter Bleach.

He also forced Mr Bleach onto the plane which dropped the arms.

Nielson, a Dane, is a 'monk' in the Ananda Marga, and is one of Interpol's most wanted men.

What exactly happened in this case is no one knows.

July 22 2000 –
The Latvians were released on July 22, 2000, following an order of the president of India granting remission of the sentence of imprisonment and fine, so far not paid.
The Latvians were convicted on February 2 last year but released on a presidential pardon on July 22, the same year.

June 21, 2003 –
Union home minister L.K.Advani's statement at a press conference in London last Tuesday that there are certain "legal difficulties" in the way of release of British convict Peter Bleach has raised questions. Bleach is now lodged in the Alipore Central Jail in Kolkata Advani had stated that he would have to talk to the Union law ministry to find a way out.

January 31, 2004 - By TNN –
The West Bengal government indicated that it might take till February 5 for formal withdrawal of the cases pending against Bleach. The Presidential order remitting Bleach's remaining sentence in the Purulia arms drop case was received by the state government on Friday evening.

August 11, 2010 - TNN –
NEW DELHI: CBI is finally all set to extradite Danish national Niels Holks alias Kim Davy (47), who is the main accused in the 1995 Purulia arms drop case. Davy, who has been on the run since the incident on December 17 in 1995, was arrested by the Danish authorities on April 9, based on the red corner notice issued by Interpol. CBI officials said once Davy is extradited, he would face trial in the case, where a Calcutta court had already convicted six people for life in 2000.

December 10, 2010 - By TNN
KOLKATA: The Bengal home department has submitted an undertaking to the Union home ministry, assuring that its prisons would be safe and secure and free from human rights violations if Kim Davy, one of the accused in the Purulia arms drop case of 1995, is to be housed in a prison here.
The Centre had asked the Bengal government to explain the condition in the state's prisons. The undertaking would be handed over to the CBI which is handling the case. The assurance was submitted by state home secretary G D Gautama and AGD Prisons BD Sharma who attended a meeting in Delhi on Wednesday at the Union home ministry.

June 17, 2007 - By PTI
NEW DELHI: The Ministry of External Affairs is in the process of sending a note to Denmark seeking extradition of Kim Davy, the main accused in the 1995 Purulia arms drop case, with an assurance that he will be repatriated to that country to serve any prison term following his possible conviction in India. Relenting to pressure from Danish authorities, New Delhi may give an executive assurance to Copenhagen that Davy will not be sentenced to death for any offence committed by him in India and that he will be repatriated to Denmark to serve any prison sentence after his trial, official sources said.

2004 –
All the accused persons in this case are free only remaining accused is only Kim Davy.
Davy was allegedly the mastermind in dropping arms and ammunition over Purulia on the night of December 17, 1995 from an AN-26 Aircraft. Although Davy managed to flee by bribing officials at Mumbai airport, six others including Peter Bleach of England and five Latvians were arrested. Their sentences were, however, remitted following diplomatic pressure.

Interrogation of the accused had revealed that Kim Davy was the mastermind behind the entire operation but had managed to flee.

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Bikram April 28, 2011  

so if I am not wrong in reading we are basically again bending over backwards for a culprit and a criminal who in a sort declared WAR with our country ..

I dont beleive this If this was any other country thailand even these criminals would have not seen daylight..

Human rights my foot, what about the human rights of the thousand of people who would have died had that consignement reached terrorists ..

and Govt is Well what do i say lets give them all a Medal of honour for letting our country see this also .. ALL HAIL OUR LEADERS..

hats off to them well done to them once again

SM April 28, 2011  


Anonymous,  June 26, 2012  

Anandmarg was very much involved with purulia arms drop case. They were planning for civil war in india. In 1982, anandamargis were conducting recruitment drive from Calcutta footpath. They were conducting child-lifting from Kolkata footpath. The whole anandamargis organisation is using "sanyas" custom of Hinduism as impersonation tools. These sanyasis themselves are kidnaped creatures in their childhood. Meanwhile, anandmargis kidnapped one young refugee-boy of that area and tried to force him to adopt sanyas. This boy was transferred to Varanasi center of Anandmarg and the boy escaped from there. Local club boys where the boy was a member decided to beat the anandamargis. Unfortunately, when the beating of the kidnappers started, the beggars and foot-path residents come running; participated in the process of beating; outnumbered the club-boys and ultimately killed the Margis. Till today , nobody knows the actual name of those 17 Margis; nobody claimed , whose relatives they are. Enough reason to suspect that these creatures were themselves kidnapped by anandamargis in their child-hood. Every nation have the right to be careful of emergence of such problematic organisation. KIM DAVY, the Purulia arms drop accused is a false person, using a birth-certificate of one Australian child who died long ago. Let govt also be careful regarding emergence of Anandmarg. Expressing sympathy for such anti-national group is highly objectionable.

Anonymous,  October 08, 2016  

The truth of 1982: https://vimeo.com/23911894

17 innocent Ananadmargi monks, killed in broad day light by CPI goons (Anti Hindu Party), to my understanding Kim davy wanted to take revenge from these goons, who brutally killed 17 sanyasi's in front of thousands of people, this is just one attack, CPI was constantly targeting them, destroying their properties, killing their people. This anti Hindu party did all it could to defame and damage Anandamra's image... They spread the rumors that Ananmargi's are child lifters, the fact is Anandmarga is running children's home across the globe.
In recent times their anti national and anti Hindu sentiments was again surfaced, these losers call goddess Durga a whore. And they are backing anti India movement of Kashmiri Muslims.

Death to these CPI goons asap.

Unknown May 19, 2019  

When one of the plane from pakistan crossed indian territory it was known by the radar stationed there then how come a aircraft which moved from karachi landed at varanasi was not known by indian government it was bluff made by congress government which wanted to topple the the then CPM government which ruled over 20 years and it was discussed theice at times now channel by Arnab goswami CBI hand was acknowledged by tbe then CBI OFFICIALS Joginder singh who was hesitant to discuss the matter along with J k dutt. It was also a conspiracy by Congress government and its charges were framed against Anandamarga organisation. Then why the arrested lot of persons are still free its matter of grave concern.