28 April 2011

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RIP - Last Typewriter Making Company Godrej and Boyce Closed in Mumbai – Death of Typewriters

RIP - Last Typewriter Making Company Godrej and Boyce
Closed in Mumbai – Death of Typewriters

In India nearly all the typewriter making companies have already closed their business.
Only one company was remaining that was Godrej and Boyce from Mumbai which was making Typewriters in Mumbai India.

Godrej and Boyce have shut down its production plant in Mumbai, India which was manufacturing Typewriters.

The Godrej and Boyce began production in the 1950s
It was still selling 50,000 models annually in the early 1990s, Up to year 2009 Godrej used to sell around 10,000 typewriters but now they do not have orders.
But last year it sold less than 800 machines.

Its said that this was the last company in the world which was making Type writers and but I came to know on internet there is possibility that in china, Indonesia and in Japan few companies are making typewriters.

As those articles did not mention the name of the companies who are still making the Typewriters I assume that the Godrej was the last company of the world.

And confirm that it was the India’s last typewriter making company which closed its business because of lack of orders.

And currently company got only 200 Typewriters in their possession with Arabic language.

Today also in India if you visit in the Courts you will find the people with typewriter and typing affidavits for the poor people.

Another Problem in India is Many government job require the certificate showing that the person knows the typing.

Today also in Pune City there are classes who are teaching English Typing, Marathi Typing.

But death of Typewriter will cause lot of pain to poor people of India as we do not have electricity supply on which we can depend.

A prototype of the typewriter was introduced in 1714 by Henry Mill, but the first mass-produced typewriter came in 1868 when Christopher Latham Sholes, a printer-publisher from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, patented the device.

If you know any company which is manufacturing Typewriters for sell please mention it in the comment.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Thommy April 28, 2011  
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Thommy April 28, 2011  

The same fate as Polaroid.

SM April 28, 2011  


Renu April 28, 2011  

I dont know why they closed it..yesterday in the court I saw all the people with typewriter only..none was using computer.and this in Chennai..that means small towns will be having typewriter only.

Teamgsquare April 28, 2011  

Thanks for the info , yes but how will a manufacturing company run with out order

sm,  April 28, 2011  


sm,  April 28, 2011  

Team G Square,,

Bikram April 28, 2011  

PLEASE tell me that picture in the end is that of the Estate office sector 17 chandigarh ..


SM April 28, 2011  

Its photo from sector 17 chandigarh.

Anonymous,  July 03, 2011  

i am unhappy to decision of typwriters production stop because many lovers of typwriters i am handling typeing, i am proprietor of Cyber Cafe, i strongly recomanded to pls production start to typewriters because many poor person or villages need them so humbly prayed for you start the production of typwriters OLD IS GOLD

Nitin Bhalerao

SM July 03, 2011