26 April 2011

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Suresh Kalmadi sent to 8 days Police Custody by Court in Common Wealth Corruption scam case

Suresh Kalmadi sent to 8 days Police Custody by Court in
Common Wealth Corruption scam case

Today Patiala House Court remanded Suresh Kalmadi to eight days of police custody.
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had sought 14-day custody of Kalmadi in the Commonwealth Games Time Scoring scam case.

Two other senior officials of the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee
Surjeet Lal and ASV Prasad have also been sent to police custody for eight days.

The Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi has been accused of awarding illegal contracts to a Swiss firm for Timing-Scoring-Result (TSR) system for the Games causing a loss of Rs 95 Crore to the exchequer that is loss of Rs.95 Crore to Indian Citizens.

"The price paid to the Swiss firm was more than thrice the amount of Rs 46 crore sought by the only other bidder, MSL of Spain."

CBI spokesperson Dharini Mishra said that "It was Kalmadi's role in his then official capacity as chief of the OC's executive board that led to his arrest.

"Investigation has revealed that the OC committee for short-listing prospective bidders for TSR was constituted by selecting handpicked officials who favored the Swiss company while members of the tenders-evaluation committee were coerced and threatened to disqualify other bidders,"

Manoj Sharma a lawyer from Gwalior tried to hit Suresh Kalmadi with a slipper. But he missed and was overpowered by security personnel present at the Patiala House Court complex.
In 2007 he tried to kill a sub-divisional magistrate with a dagger and was jailed for three years.

Manoj Sharma told the Mid Day that I am a messenger of God, and I am here to punish corrupt people

Manoj Sharma said that he has read much about Utsav Sharma, who attacked Rajesh Talwar and SPS Rathore, and is sympathetic towards him. "He is also a crusader like me. He is punishing the guilty of society and I will punish the most corrupt ministers

Manoj said that three years ago he had contested the Lok Sabha elections independently. "I got around 2500 votes and will again contest the election the next time

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Apanatva April 26, 2011  

news in this blog is sometimes faster then even news channels .
great job..
keep it up.

sm,  April 27, 2011  


Lowell April 27, 2011  

Nice to read the bad guys are getting caught and made to suffer!

Re your comment on Paree: I'm not sure who that is but I think probably Louis XIV.

sm,  April 27, 2011  

Jacob and Lois Anne,,
thanks for reply regarding pic.

udaya veer singh April 27, 2011  

Good article with current situation ,responsible as a good indian,watcher as ilkeas watch-tower .
With regards thanks ji .

dr.antony April 27, 2011  

I get all information from your blog these days!
Keep on blogging

Samvedna April 27, 2011  

wonder what took them so long...and why they anounce in the media first ans then take action next week..is it to forwarn them?

chitra April 27, 2011  

sm, i touring hence could not visit your blog.
why there is such a delay in the arrest of Mr. Kalmadi? I also saw the man throwing chappal at Kalmadi. so much of anger against corruption.

Everymatter April 27, 2011  

i think nothing will happen to kalmadi as we will forget it after 1-2 yrs. and some new scam will appear in news

Arti April 27, 2011  

Atleast some action is being taken, better late than never!!

sm,  April 27, 2011  

udaya veer singh,,

sm,  April 27, 2011  


sm,  April 27, 2011  


sm,  April 27, 2011  


SM April 27, 2011