27 April 2011

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Actor Shiney Ahuja gets bail in Maid Rape Case gets freedom

Actor Shiney Ahuja gets bail in Maid Rape Case gets freedom

The Bombay High Court has granted bail to actor Shiney Ahuja on payment of surety of Rs 50,000 to the session’s court in the rape case of his maid.

Shiney Ahuja was sentenced to seven years in jail by a Mumbai court on March 30, 2011.

High Court Judge AR Joshi while giving bail to the Actor Shiney Ahuja told him not to leave India.

Now let us see after one year or after 50 year the justice will be done.
May be before that the matter will be compromised and Ahuja will get acquitted.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Rama Ananth April 27, 2011  

Only in countries like ours such things happen very regularly.Rich people always find ways and means to escape from the law. The phrase "Kanoon ke hath bahut lambi hothi hai" is only fit for the movies.

Amrit April 27, 2011  

He will get away with it. But it is not so ridiculous as it sounds. Why should not be he granted bail?

SM April 27, 2011  


SM April 27, 2011  

Bail is his right.
But after that the criminal never goes to jail as date after date and date and date then death without Justice.

chitra April 27, 2011  

For rich money speaks. Anything is possible in our country.

SM April 27, 2011