02 April 2011

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A Raja ,Swan, Unitech and ADAG named as accused in First Chargesheet in Rs 176,000 crore 2G scam filed by CBI before ADJ O P Saini

A Raja ,Swan, Unitech and ADAG named as accused in
First Chargesheet in Rs 176,000 crore 2G scam filed by CBI
before ADJ O P Saini

The Central Bureau of Investigation filed first charge-sheet in the Rs 176,000 crore before the court of additional session judge O P Saini, designated special court for 2G cases.

First chargesheet deals with manipulations of the "first-come-first-served" policy
Helping several ineligible companies like Swan telecom to get 2G licenses.

The chargesheet, running into 80,000 pages, comprises statements of more than 100 witnesses and thousands of pages of documentary evidence

The chargesheet has named former telecom minister A Raja as the main conspirator.
The chargesheet alleged that Raja misused his ministerial position to favor one particular group.

Sidhardh Behura and R K Chandolia government babus, officers were also named as conspirators in the charge-sheet.

Sidhardh Behura and R K Chandolia both worked as secretaries to A Raja.

The three companies named today are Swan Telecom, Unitech Wireless and Anil Ambani's ADAG.

DB realty promoter Shahid Balwa,
Unitech Ltd Managing Director Sanjay Chandra
And DB Realty MD Vinod Goenka have also been named in the CBI charge sheet.
Swan and Unitech both companies benefited in this scam.
The chargesheet will formally accuse the Chairman of Unitech, Sanjay Chandra, with cheating.
Mr Balwa will be accused of cheating and forgery.

It said that senior executives at real estate giant Unitech, and the Anil Ambani Group (ADAG) will be charged with conspiracy and abetment to cheating.

Three executives from Mr Ambani’s ADAG group Gautam Doshi, who is the group’s Managing Director, are accused of abetment to cheating.
The CBI’s contention is that Swan Telecom served as a front for Mr Ambani’s Reliance Communications, allowing ADAG to illicitly acquire more spectrum and licenses than was legally permissible.
ADAG officials Gautam Doshi, Virendra Titara and Hari Nair are also named in the charge sheet.

Shahid Balwa, the promoter of Swan is already in jail for routing a Rs. 200-crore kickback to Mr Raja through a TV channel in Chennai that is owned by the wife and daughter of M Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the head of Mr Raja's party, the DMK.
Mr Balwa's partner, Vinod Goenka, who comes from Baramati, Sharad Pawar's constituency, is known to be close to Mr Pawar, who is the Agriculture Minister. Mr Goenka, like Mr Balwa, is now accused of conspiracy and cheating.

The Chairman of Unitech Wireless, Sanjay Chandra, has also been charged with cheating.

Second CBI chargesheet in 2G scam is likely to follow towards the end of the month

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Insignia April 02, 2011  

176,000 crore. It will take my lifetime to understand how much is this much money. Yet I wont understand :-| Phew!!! How a couple of corrupt men can change the face of the country

sm,  April 03, 2011  

still many people said nothing wrong happened