15 April 2011

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Police Officer Aaron Hess Honored who shot and killed football player Danroy Henry

Police Officer Aaron Hess Honored who shot and killed
20 year old football player Danroy Henry

The Police Benevolent Association of the Pleasantville Police Department
honored Officer Aaron Hess for his dignity and professionalism.
A police union has given its Officer of the Year award officer Aaron Hess.

Police officer Aaron fired at Henry's car as Henry drove away from a disturbance that spilled out of a bar in Thornwood, just north of New York City, after Pace University's homecoming game.

Hess was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by a Westchester County grand jury in February.

20 Year old football player Danroy Henrys who died , now his parents are angree.
Danroy Henry Sr. said that "Some people see themselves above the law and above simple human dignity."

The Henrys are planning a $120 million lawsuit against Pleasantville and Mount Pleasant.

The PBA said the award wasn't meant to offend the Henry family.
But family lawyer Michael Sussman said, "They're offended."

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Friday, April 15, 2011
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