26 April 2011

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Know about Chinese Jet J-15 Flying Shark a clone of Russian Jet Sukhoi-33 but does it got the power of American jet F18

Know about Chinese Jet J-15 Flying Shark a clone of
Russian Jet Sukhoi-33 but does it got the power of American jet F18

China’s state media on Monday published the first close-up pictures of the J-15.
J-15 jet will start sea trials soon.

The first prototype J-15 was believed to have made its maiden flight on August 31, 2009, a month before the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, according to the Russian Ria Novosti news.

J-15 is the first generation of Chinese shipborne fighter aircraft being developed by both 601 Institute and SAC for PLAN’s first aircraft carrier.

China requested Russia to sell the Sukhoi 33 Soviet fighter capable of landing on carriers. But Russia refused.
But in 2001, the Chinese bought a Su-33 prototype from Ukraine and then china started to study the prototype and learn every secret of Su-33.

Below is the photo showing J15 Chinese Jet and Russian Su-33.

Then developed the J 15 Jet fighter for the Chinese Navy war ship.
When we see the photos one can easily see that J15 jet is the clone of Su-33.

Some key shipborne aircraft technologies such as landing/navigational systems are believed to have been obtained from Russia and Ukraine.

But regarding technology they must have changed and used advanced technology increasing the power of Jet fighter.

After reading on many articles one can understand say that J15 Chinese Jet is similar to Su-33 Russian Jet and inside and regarding the powers and functions J15 Chinese Jet is similar to American fighter plane F-18 a workhorse on Navy carriers.

J-15 Jet Arms Capacity Weapons Capicity-
J15 Jet can fire Chinese designed weapons, including PL-8, PL-12 AAMs and YJ-83K AShM. Overall J-15 is believed to be in the same class of American F/A-18C.

The fighter has distinctive features that enable it to operate on an aircraft carrier, such as folding wings and strengthened landing gear, according to the Chinese Military Aviation (CMA). Missile launch rails and wide-angle holographic Head up Display (HUD) clearly indicated that the fighter is equipped with domestic sensors, avionics and weapon systems

J-15, the new Chinese navy's "flying shark" features enlarged folding wings, twin nose wheels and an arresting hook for use on China's first aircraft carrier.

It’s expected that in year 2015 the J-15, the new Chinese navy's "flying shark" will start to serve the Chinese Navy increasing the power of China.

By hook or crook China has intelligently got the hands on Russian and Ukraine War planes and Ship and after studying them china has modified them.

It’s like reverse engineering. Here the saying fits well everything is fair in love and War.

China’s new carrier, a war ship expected to be named as Shi Lang, is a retrofitted version of a 1988 Soviet aircraft carrier that Chinese interests bought from Ukraine after the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, supposedly for conversion into a floating casino in Macao.
But the Macao gambling license never materialized, and as many had suspected, the ship wound up elsewhere in Dalian, a city in northeastern China where workers began a decade-long retrofit.

The aircraft is expected first to be stationed onboard the Varyag aircraft carrier currently being fitted in Dalian. China bought the unfinished Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier from Ukraine in 1998.

The J-15 is credited by the Chinese as indigenous development but I think J15 is a mix of Su-33 and American fighter plane F-18.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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