13 April 2011

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Females enter into Mahalaxmi temple at Kolhapur breaking tradtion that females were not allowed to enter into temple

Females enter into Mahalaxmi temple at Kolhapur breaking
tradtion that females were not allowed to enter into temple

In India in many cities females are forbidden to enter into temple citing different reasons.

Mahalaxmi temple is situated in Kolhapur city and from more than thousand years females are banned to enter into this temple and offer prayers.

Mahalaxmi temple is considered as one of the six 'Shakti Peeths' of India.

Today Indian females broke that tradition by forcefully entering into the Mahalaxmi temple and offered Prayers.
The women offered prayers to goddess Ambabai.

As per rules females were not allowed to enter into main important area of temple.
In Marathi it’s called as Gabha.
Females were allowed to do or offer prayers from distance only.

The women, led by Nita Kelkar, president of the Bharatiya Janata Party's Mahila Morcha
entered in the temple, and crossed all the limits and tradtions and went inside the temple the important part of Temple where only males were allowed to enter and do offer prayers.

Surprising is that rich females were allowed to enter into temples specific area where from thousand of years females were banned to enter.

In Year 2000 against this ban a case was registered in High court with still the result is awaited.

Now important thing is millions of Indian females should enter into the temple daily only then we can say that the tradition the age old wrong tradition is broken.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Apanatva April 13, 2011  

I am very happy to learn this.......

raji April 13, 2011  

This is really amazing post..I don't understand why some female ,so called rich are allowed and why not others?I don't want to comment they did right or wrong by breaking the rules ,but I ca say that allowing those rich female was pure injustice.Good revealtion sm.

dr.antony April 13, 2011  

There are temples at many places where entry is restricted to women.The Sabarimala temple at Kerala is the most famous among them.
Well,if one is a believer and have trust in the traditions,why should they insist on entering those places? It is the same faith that restricts their entry,isn't it?
Don't they know it is the same God in all temples? If someone restricts me entry in to a religious place,for reasons of religious nature,I wouldn't force myself.

SM April 13, 2011  


SM April 13, 2011  


Usha April 13, 2011  

sm, I myself like to keep away from entering near to God idol. Such very auspicious prime temples have huge traffic so it is better that ALL ( not selected)are kept away from Gabha. Let only Poojari have the access near God idols.It was wrong to allow entry to selected rich females. I will be happy if I can see full idol from distance for couple of moments, I don't need to enter gabha to get satisfaction of Darshan.

SM April 13, 2011  


Mohini Puranik April 14, 2011  

It is really a great news, some absurd rules in the name of religion have destroyed the real glory of our country.

sm,  April 14, 2011  


sm,  April 14, 2011  


Anonymous,  November 02, 2011  

shri mahalakshmi herself is female ! why can't people think
it should be other way around

Anonymous,  November 02, 2011  

this is one good example why younger generation don't have much respect for religious belief s in our country

Anonymous,  November 02, 2011  

male or female , all must be same in front of god or goddess
shameful rituals

Anonymous,  November 02, 2011  

did mahalakshmi tell these guys 'don't let female enter'