07 April 2011

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Fast unto Death for Jan Lokpal Bill for India by Anna Hazare Day 3 Report

Fast unto Death for Jan Lokpal Bill for India by
Anna Hazare Day 3 Report

Updated Thursday, April 07, 2011 – 7.30 IST

On 5th April Anna 73 year old Anna , started his fast unto death for Indians for good laws which will control
Corruption in India.

We Indians are so used to corruption that we do not understand what we are losing.
If corruption is reduced India can also give 500 Indian Rs Per hour salary for doing any type of work.

People say what will new law do?
If you ask me then I will tell you please understand in India there is no method to punish corrupt officers and politicians. The method are there only to save the corrupt not to give justice.
Name the agency and I will tell you how it’s useless and toothless.

On 2nd of Anna Hazare fast – Nothing Happened Government tried to showcase Anna is doing wrong.
On 2nd day few politicians tried to improve their image by entering into Honesty camp of Anna Hazare.
But youth made them to leave the place.

Now its 3rd Day Anna Hazare is on fast –
On third day Anna said that,
He is sure he will be fine for another week and appealed to people not to worry about him. "I am feeling well, only feeling a bit weak. I have lost 1.5 kilograms. God is with me and he will protect me,"

Hazare also said that one should never give up on truth despite threats. "I have been doing this for several years and people even paid supari to kill me.
I am fighting 12 court cases and there are lawyers who are fighting for me for no money. We should never give up on truth," he said.

Sharad Pawar said that he do not want to be associated with the Panal on Lok pal bill.
Reacting to Pawar's resignation, Hazare said, "Sharad Pawar has given resignation from the committee. He should give his resignation from the Ministry also. It does not affect us."

The ministerial panel on corruption is headed by
1. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee
2. comprises Home Minister P Chidambaram
3. Defense Minister A K Antony
4. Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee
5. Law Minister Veerappa Moily
6. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal
7. Chemicals and Fertiliser Minister M K Alagiri
8. Telecommunications Minister Kapil Sibal
Aamir Khan Supported Anna Hazare –

I am merely one of many who fully support Hazare, and have come to appreciate that this upright 72-year-old man is willing to sacrifice his life in the fight against corruption," wrote Aamir Khan, in his letter dated April 6th, to the prime minister.

Bangalore - Freedom Park over the past two days in support of social activist and corruption crusader Anna Hazare's demand
M K Gandhi, a yoga instructor, Sumeet Negi, an event manager, Ashutosh Singh, an entrepreneur and Anand Yadwad, coordinator for India against Corruption will continue their fast until Hazare breaks his indefinite hunger strike.

The official Facebook page of 'India Against Corruption' now has been joined by more than 40,700 users.
The activists have set up a helpline at Jantar Mantar (09718500606) with six people to receive calls.
Hazare's aides say they have been receiving numerous calls from even the remotest corners of the country.
Their 'missed call number' in Mumbai (9122- 61550789) has received almost 2.5 lakh calls so far.

How can Congress say what Anna is doing wrong?

What M.Gandhi did he also go onto fast?
Bhagat also went onto fast.

This the style of India if youth forgets this style then what will happen only nature knows.

Government is requesting Anna to end his fast, but can we trust politicians.
Last 42 Years Mother India is waiting for the Lokpal Jan pal bill.

On the third day of Anna's hunger fast, the government reached out with an offer to set up an informal group, including activists and ministers. But the activists rejected the government's offer of an informal panel on the Lokpal Bill.

Anna is demanding Joint Committee to make to draft and make the Jan Lok pal bill.
This is not new thing for India.
This has happened in the past also.

Government is just saying we will do it;
Government should issue formal notification mentioning names of joint committee members and then should tell Anna to end his fast unto death.

Where is Great Indian Cricket team, why they are not taking part in this campaign?
Where is Indian Hockey Team, this is the time you have to do and work, thus Indians will start to love you.

Updated Thursday, April 07, 2011 – 7.30 IST

Congress President and United Progressive Alliance Chairperson Sonia Gandhi has appealed to Anna Hazare to end his fast-unto-death

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

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Shilpi April 07, 2011  

We really need to support Anna !!

sm,  April 07, 2011  


sm,  April 08, 2011  

Team G Square,,

Atlanta Roofing April 08, 2011  

Anna is doing a Great job and as we Indians not only in India but also all over the world should support for the cause Anna Hazare has started, we live in a Democracy of... for the people, of the people and the people, but this government is completely gone out of of its context...and has stuck to their decision... I strongly support the cause that this man Mr. Anna Hazare has taken up and we as youth will support until the last breath.

SM April 10, 2011  

Atlanta Roofing,,