30 April 2011

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Endosulfan Ban India agreed and accepted in Stockholm world convention

Endosulfan Ban India agreed and accepted in Stockholm world convention

In past India was not ready to ban Endosulfan even after knowing the bad effects,
side effects of Endosulfan pesticide.

Now India accepted in Stockholm world convention that the pesticide Endosulfan is a health hazard.
India also agreed to a phased out ban with an exemption for some crops.

In next 10 Years Slowly India will phase out the use of health hazard pesticide Endosulfan.

Before this Indian Government always said that there is no proof that the Endosulfan is health hazard even after knowing it.

But in this convention China also supported the ban on Endosulfan.

Food and Agriculture Association of the UN stated it is hazardous.

Currently 84 countries have banned the Endosulfan drug.

Money is not important, important is human health.

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Under Stockholm Convention Endosulfan will get globally banned.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

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chitra April 30, 2011  

If they feel there is no proof they should just go to Kasargod in Kerala and have a look. I wonder why it was not banned earlier. Women there abort their foetuses, lest they would be born as handicapped.

raji April 30, 2011  

oh god !atleast after so many years it is approved to be banned!As chitra said ,endosulfan side effects are proved in kasargod.

Samvedna April 30, 2011  

Once it is banned we will find some other pesticide harming us..I think the best solution would be to find the alternative to pesticides..organic farming.

sm,  April 30, 2011  


sm,  April 30, 2011  


sm,  April 30, 2011  


Kirtivasan,  April 30, 2011  

In reality, factories will still produce endosulfan in India. It will take time to close them down. Then there may be endosulfan coming across border which may be difficult and may take a lot of effort to stop.

Overall a lot of effort needs to be done by government to really stop endosulfan from being used. The ban should not just be a lip statement.

Genetically modified seeds like Bt are pest resistant. The best government can do will be to propogate Bt seeds and stop endosulfan gradually.

sm,  April 30, 2011  


Anonymous,  August 27, 2012  

Thnks 2 all chitra.kirtivasan.raji for sharing facts abt endosulfan.the reasn i tell u all coz i got 1 qstn frm endosulfon in competitive exam n i went wrong.i wish if i hd read abt endosulfan thn perhps i nevr went wrong.thnks 2 all.