30 April 2011

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Ashok Chavan Got Loan of Rs. 65 Lakh from IPS officer Sanjay Barve in exchange Barve Got Flat in Aadarsh illegal Building

Ex Chief Minister Ashok Chavan Got Loan of Rs. 65 Lakh from
IPS officer Sanjay Barve in exchange Barve Got Flat
in Aadarsh illegal Building

Currently Everyone Knows that CBI is probing the Adarsh Scam.

In 2009 Ex Chief Minister Ashok Chavan was Revenue Minister.
In 2009 IPS Officer Sanjay Barve was joint commissioner police (traffic).

While Probing the Aadarsh Building Scam the Central Bureau of Investigation CBI
Found that in 2009 Chavan borrowed Rest 65 lakh from IPS officer Sanjay Barve
To pay for the Adarsh flat allotted to his mother-in-law Bhagwati Sharma.

To return this favor CBI found that Ex CM Ashok Chavan helped IPS officer Sanjay Barves father get an apartment in the building.

Barve Paid Rs.65 Lakh by way of Cheque but CBI suspects that its only for name sake, it was bribe or money was launder and in exchange Sanjay Barve got flat in Adarsh Scam building.

Now questions arise?

From where Sanjay Barve got Rs.65 Lakh Money, Source of Money?

Why Ex Minister Ashok Chavan took the loan from an IPS officer Sanjay Barve?

Reality Views by sm-
Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Kirtivasan,  April 30, 2011  

How on earth CBI will prove that flat was allotted because of loan of 65 lakhs. There may be a connection or there may not be.

Similar is the case with 2G. How on earth do you connect Kusegaon and DB Realty and Kalaignar TV with 2G spectrum allotment.

Business is done because profit is seen. Not because of favouritism.

sm,  April 30, 2011  

Advocates know this how to connect the dots.Legally its possible only will is required.

Kirtivasan,  May 02, 2011  

Legally it might be possible. But CBI is hardly a legal organisation.

What CBI is doing is look at the accounts of ex CM of Maharashtra. Then look at the allotees of Adarsh society. Is any big depositor into ex CM account an allotee of Adarsh? If yes, tell presswallahs.

Let me have authority to enquire into banks. I can do much better analysis. I guarantee it.

sm,  May 02, 2011  

This is reason we need strong and independent Jan Lokpal.
CBI and every govt agency in India has no powers it dances as per the will of politicians.

Kirtivasan,  May 02, 2011  

Strong and independent Jan Lok Pal should be there.

Should the President have powers to pardon the crimes committed by Jan Lok Pal or not?

sm,  May 02, 2011  

no pardon i always say this in my post President does not require power of Pardon.

Kirtivasan,  May 03, 2011  

A citizen of India enjoys the privilege of getting pardon from the President of India.

If the Jan Lok Pal is a foreign citizen, then this clause may not be applicable. Otherwise the rules for Jan Lok Pal have to be passed by the Parliament.

What do you think, sm is better?

sm,  May 03, 2011  

Indian President has power to pardon every criminal Indian criminal as well as Foreign criminal if he is punished by Indian Court.
Ex. Purelia Arms drop case.

2ND question itself is wrong.
As Jan Lokapal bill will fix eligibility who will be eligible for this post and become Lokpal.

Kirtivasan,  May 03, 2011  

Thanks, sm.