19 April 2011

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China and Nepal signed a military aid agreement First Time Chinese Army Chief General Chen Bingde, chief of (PLA) Visited Nepal

China and Nepal signed a military aid agreement First Time
Chinese Army Chief General Chen Bingde, chief of (PLA) Visited Nepal

Last Month that is March General Chen Bingde, chief of (PLA) visited Nepal for 3 days.
It was the first visit to Nepal by a Chinese army chief in a decade
It was the first time that China’s PLA signed a military aid agreement directly with the Nepal army, ignoring the request of Nepal’s ministry of defence that the agreement should be signed with it.

Chinese PLA chief said that in Nepal that China would not tolerate a third country coming in the way of friendship between Nepal and China.
The highest-ever military aid extended by China to Nepal of US$19.8 million

General Chen Bingde was given a warm welcome and received separately by Nepal’s president Dr Ram Baran Yadav, prime minister Jhala Nath Khanal and defence minister Bishnu Poudel.

Third Country means which nation?
I feel this was just warning to India. India should not come between the friendship of china and Nepal.

Who and How many Chinese officials visited Nepal with the Chinese Army Chief General Chen Bingde, chief of (PLA?
The 15-member Chinese military delegation included:

Qiu Guohong, China’s ambassador to Nepal

Wang Jianping, commander of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force (PAPF)

Yang Jinshan, commander of the PLA’s Tibet Military District

Qian Lihua, director-general of the foreign affairs office of China’s ministry of national defence

Zhang Yanling, director of the Health Department of the General Logistics Department of the PLA

Wang Jin, deputy director of the First Department (Operations) of the PLA’s General Staff Department (GSD)

Inclusion of the commanders of the PAPF and Tibet Military District reflects the importance accorded to issues relating to border security and cementing of military ties.
China has already started paying age old pensions in Nepal’s poorer northern border areas and establishing a string of Chinese Study Centres along Nepal’s borders with India.

Soon China will also complete extension of the Lhasa-Xigaze railway to Kathmandu, Nepal.
Once this is completed the business between China and Nepal will grow.

This will also create another problem for Indian industry also.
India and Nepal has trade agreement and Goods from Nepal come into India on discounted rates.

Now Chinese Companies will send goods to Nepal and using Nepal route the goods will enter into Indian Market.

I am sure China will pay so much money to Nepal, Nepal Army and citizens of Nepal that they will openly start to oppose India same way like Pakistan is doing.

China is rightfully going in right direction towards becoming No. 1 Super power.

Very slowly and stedily the friendship between China and Nepal is growing

Is it not the warning sign for India?

Reality views by sm –
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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kiran sawhney April 19, 2011  

Have'nt followed this news. But got to know of it through your blog. Thanks.

sm,  April 19, 2011  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

Teamgsquare April 19, 2011  

This is a threatening news for us man . We don't get time to resolve internal problems , when will we be able concentrate on all these kind international problems .

Kirtivasan,  April 19, 2011  

India should be careful. Because of agreement by Chinese Army officers.

Why should politicians and planners worry? India will beat China one day in population.

sm,  April 19, 2011  

Team G Square,,

sm,  April 19, 2011  

yes India will beat china in population.