07 March 2011

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UK Muslims threaten Scientist Dr.Usama Hasan Imam with death over Darwinist views

UK Muslims threaten Scientist Dr.Usama Hasan Imam
with death over Darwinist views
A prominent British imam Dr Usama Hasan has been forced to retract his claims that Islam is compatible with Darwin's theory of evolution after receiving death threats from fundamentalists.

"One man came up to me during the lecture and said 'You are an apostate and should be killed'," Dr Hasan told The Independent. "

Who is Dr. Usama Hasan?
Dr Usama Hasan is a physics lecturer at Middlesex University and a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Masjid Tawhid is a prominent mosque which also runs one of the country's largest sharia courts, the Islamic Sharia Council.
In January, Dr Hasan delivered a lecture there detailing why he felt the theory of evolution and Islam were compatible
But the lecture was interrupted by men he described as "fanatics" who distributed leaflets claiming that "Darwin is blasphemy".

He was intending yesterday to return to Masjid al-Tawhid, a mosque in Leyton, East London, for the first time since he delivered a lecture there entitled "Islam and the theory of evolution".

But according to his sister, police advised him not to attend after becoming concerned for his safety. Instead his father, Suhaib, head of the mosque's committee of trustees, posted a notice on his behalf expressing regret over his comments. "I seek Allah's forgiveness for my mistakes and apologise for any offence caused," the statement read.

But the imam's apology seems to have done little to resolve the matter.
Earlier this week, the group issued a statement saying that Dr Hasan had been dismissed from his position as vice-chairman and imam at the mosque, and describing his views as a "source of antagonism in the Muslim community".
Neither he nor his father were present at the meeting that voted for his dismissal.

This is reason one has to be very careful to whom you are inviting to your country?
Taliban type Muslim or Good Muslims.

How can police fear and order the Imam Cancel lecture?
Police should provide him security and let him speak.
After all he is educated and speaking on scientific topic.

If someone is unhappy with his views write an article opposing his views,
Arrange a debate with him.

Why to give , threaten someone to accept your belief?

Whatever people may say one day truth will prevail.

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Source - http://www.independent.co.uk/


Maggie May March 07, 2011  

This is so totally narrow minded that it is difficult for people in Democratic countries to get their head round. Just because a group of people fervently believe something it doesn't mean that it is 100% true. Different people believe different things. That is how it is and that is how its always been. We must allow this freedom.
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Nuts in May

sm,  March 07, 2011  

Maggie May,,

sm,  March 07, 2011  


Bikram March 07, 2011  

I can understand why the police did it, THEY HAD TO.. one to protect the Dr. and also with the way the MENTALITY of people works, If anything happened people wud say its because he was a muslim police did nothing.
British law is VERY LIBERAL thats why some are taking advantage of it , I mean what does it show of a person's View .. they do anything to come UK .. THEN they take a PLEDGE to hold the values of britain above all to get citizenship and THEN THE SAME PEOPLE try to rip it off ..

so thats the mentality of people who ever they are Sikh-muslim-hindu-black-white etc etc..

MAkes you wonder and I am sure No religion teaches hatred.. and if it is so then they should not come to UK simple Stay where the situation and ways are according to there religion end of.

THe day UK POLICE starts to do what PUNJAB police does or Pakistani Police does all such religion problems will be solved in a DAY.. its true LATTON KE BOOTH BATON SE NAHIN MAANTE ..

maybe its high time UK police get the DANDA OUT..


Jon March 07, 2011  

He apologized…what a moron!! But then he would have to lead a secluded life like Rushdie

Teamgsquare March 07, 2011  

Stupidity at core . some people will never improve and will never try to be scientific .

sm,  March 07, 2011  

Yes i agree with you
Danda is required

sm,  March 07, 2011  


sm,  March 07, 2011  

Team G,,