07 March 2011

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Part One Dreams, Animals and meaning Watching Animals in dreams – what is the meaning of such dream –

Part One Dreams, Animals and meaning Watching Animals in dreams
– what is the meaning of such dream –

To dream that animals are talking with each other, or you are talking with animal in dreams this is the symbol of superior knowledge.
This shows the hidden power that you can be what you wish.

If you see lab animal in your dream that means you are not able to express your feelings, desires properly to family members or friends or your teacher.

If I see alligator in my dream what that means?

Alligator -

The alligator is symbolic of someone who is ruthless, insensitive and treacherous.
Alligator represents healing powers.
Alligator means you have to be careful; you may face deceit from someone.
Alligator also means you are insensitive
If in a dream you see that you are running away from alligator that means you are running away from something important painful in real life.
It’s a signal that you are avoiding something important in your life.
If in a dream you see that someone has raped you that that means that in real life someone have cheated you.

Anteater –

To see anteater in dreams means you should be careful while doing projects or anything which is important to you.

Antelope –

To see Antelope in dream means that you will get what you want but for that you will be required to do hard work.

Apes –

To see apes in dream means that it is warning for you that someone will make you fool, someone will cheat you in real life.

Armadillo –

To see Armadillo in dreams means that you should stay in your boundary,
You should stay in your limit, should not cross the limit


To see ASP in dreams means you will lose your honor in society.


To see ass in dreams means that you lack the understanding and commonsense.

Badger –

To see Badger in your dreams means that you will win the game or project.

Bats –

To see bats in dreams means that you need to change your habit to get success.

If you see white bat in dream means that in future you will lose a family member its sign of death of a family member.

If you see vampire bat in your dream that means someone is cheating you and you are losing your money and resources and power.

If you see 5 bats in dream that represents happiness, money and long life.

Bear –

If you see bear in your dream that means rebirth, death, renovation etc.

If you see the black bear then you should be aware that danger is coming towards you.

If you see the polar bear in dream that means reawakening

Boar –

To see boar in dream means that in your life the questions, problems which you are facing got the answers, answers are within your reach, just need to look carefully.

Buffalo –

To see buffalo in dream means that power and strength.

To see white buffalo in dream shows that you will get what you desired. Your wish will be fulfilled.

To see dying buffalo or injured buffalo in dream means that you should be careful in your project, your project may get cancelled or may suffer some type of loss.

To see untamed bull in dream means that you are full of sexual energy, fertility and virility and ready to enjoy.

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Monday, March 07, 2011


Neha March 07, 2011  

very very interesting analysis..I will wait for the animal i saw recently to appear here..

SM March 07, 2011  


A Great Liar March 07, 2011  

Hmmm, interesting indeed. Though I do get to see most of them in the hours I am at work, but I am sure it is not quite the same as confronting them in a dream.

SM March 07, 2011  

A Great liar,,

Amrit March 07, 2011  

I never have dream....I am not 100% sure if this analysis is correct

SM March 07, 2011  

Its only for fun.

Rama Ananth March 07, 2011  

I don't remember seeing any animal in my dreams, though I think I have too many dreams sometimes, I feel my whole sleep time is spent only dreaming, and so I feel i have not got my quota of sleep at all most of the time.
However if I want an answer for something and I intend that i get an answer through my dream, I do get it.

sm,  March 07, 2011  


Destination Infinity March 07, 2011  

I get dreams very rarely, and even if i do, I forget it after waking up!

Destination Infinity

sm,  March 07, 2011  

Destination infinity,,