21 March 2011

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Summons Issued against Asaram Bapu and his son Narayan Sai

Summons Issued against Asaram Bapu and
his son Narayan Sai

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In April 2008 Abhishek and Dipak went missing from a residential school of the Asaram ashram in Ahmedabad
After few days their mutilated bodies were found from the Sabarmati riverbed behind the ashram.

In 2008 , two young boys died mysteriously in ashram of Asaram Bapu in Ahmedabad
After that Commission was formed to look into that.

The commission was constituted in 2008 to probe the mysterious death of Dipesh Vaghela age (10) and Abhishek Vaghela age (11).

Now DK Trivedi Commission which is probing the mysterious death of two boys in Bapu’s ashram in 2008 has summoned Asaram Bapu and his son Narayan Sai.

Asaram Bapu and his son Narayan Sai , father and son duo both will appear before commission on March 25 , 2011.

Last year, the state CID department had submitted its report to the Gujarat High Court on the death of the two children.

The father of the boys has demanded CBI inquiry into this murder as he thinks CID has not investigated matter properly.

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Monday, March 21, 2011


Bikram March 21, 2011  

WEll cbi or CId when have they actually found any top notch behind anything .. Its all politically motivated.. when the ywant to catch a fist suddenly they find proofs and all .. Its a shame that CBI also is full of corrupt people..

wish it was not though.. then maybe the hot shots would fear doing something wrong


Amrit March 21, 2011  

This is where law fails us. Three years and still probe is going on..justice delayed..justice not done.

Good informative post. Media and bloggers shall bring these issue in public to put pressure to speed up and do something.

Thanks for brining it out.

sm,  March 21, 2011  

CBI is not independent that is one of the reason.

sm,  March 21, 2011  

Yes agree with you.

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 22, 2011  

For any investigative agency the motive of the crime is the focal point of investigation.

It is possible that police can also be criminals and is framing a scapegoat with weak motive. The police being a criminal is more often the case in which investigations happen after a long time. Because otherwise why did not they investigate earlier?

sm,  March 22, 2011  


Rek Sesh March 23, 2011  

My Ex MIL used to swear by him...he had some charity or welfare organisation in Mumbai...It time we realised they are self claimed "Godmen" not God's actual representatives.....

sm,  March 23, 2011  


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