20 March 2011

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SNAKE DREAM INTERPRETATION meaning of Animal Dreams – Part 3

SNAKE DREAM INTERPRETATION meaning of Animal Dreams – Part 3

Snake – To see a snake in dream – what it indicates what is the meaning of dream in which we see the Snake?


snakes are predominantly a symbol of fear and sexual symbol

To see a snake in dream indicates great potential for spiritual growth.

snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom.
Snake is indication of renewed energy, positive change.

To see the skin of a snake in your dream represents protection from illnesses.

A love of snakes is called ophiophilia

A fear of snakes is called ophidiophobia (or snake phobia).

A specialist in snakes is an ophiologist.

Synonym for snake is serpent

The snake is one of the 12 animals which appear in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar.

Those born in the year of the Snake are calm and gentle, romantic and perceptive. However, they may be prone to sloth and vanity.

In a dream snake can represent hidden unknown fears.
Falling into a pit of snakes may represent the many worries that are threatening you.
Cobra is a symbol of divine enlightenment and associated with the god Shiva.
In Kundalini yoga snake represents the life force that rises up the spinal chord.

In a dream to see a snake and feel fearful represents that you got very bad enemy in your real life who is dangerous for you.
Indication of enemy.

To dream of many snakes in a pit indicates bad luck in love or bad luck in business or bad luck in ongoing project.

In a dream if you kill the snake, or if snake fears you and hides this indicates that in you real life also you will defeat your all enemies.

To see a snake or be bitten by one in dream indicates and highlights the real life fear.

In a dream if you are walking on snakes indicates that you will live in constant fear of sickness

To see a snake on bed indicates are feeling sexually overpowered or sexually

If you see a two-headed snake in your dream, then it refers to cooperation and
teamwork in relationship.

In a dream if you see a snake and feel feared this also indicates your real life fear of
of sex, intimacy or commitment.

To see a snake in dream also indicates that in your life someone is around you whom you can not trust its warning sign.
To see a snake with a head on each end in your dream, suggests confused state of mind in which direction to go, what is happening, to be or not to be
If you are in love then this may be indication of triangle in your love
One girl two boys, one boy two girls.
If you are married such a dream can suggest your desire to become a mother if you are a female.

To dream that you are eating a live snake, indicates that you are looking for intimacy or
sexual fulfillment.
This also indicates lack of sexual pleasure in life.

In a dream to see a snake attempts to enter your body this indicates the sexual dissatisfaction.

For a woman to dream that a dead snake is biting her, is a warning for that woman that
she will suffer from malice of a pretended friend.

To dream that a snake coils itself around you and darts its tongue out at you
Indicates shows that your enemies will become more powerful and same time you will face sickness also.

In a dream if you see you are playing with snakes, this dream indicates that you will not fear your enemies but you will play with them mind games.

In a dream if you see little small snakes indicates that your own friends will defame you and try to take your position in your office or they will try to reduce your fame.

In a dream if you see snake is biting some other person indicates that your friend will face problems and you will also criticize him.

To dream of playfully handling snakes suggests that you are in danger of being led astray by unprincipled friends or associates

Dreaming of a snake in the grass means that you are going to hear news that will upset you and involve frustration, regret and depression.
In a dream if you see professional snake charmer at work, it indicates that you will have to defend your reputation against malicious gossip.
In Vedic Astrology it is called Kal Sarpa Yoga.
Kaal means death.
The Kaal Sarp Yog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu

The person with Kaal Sarp Yog faces lot of troubles in his life.
Normally Kaal Sarp Yog affects a person till 47 years.
It is said that because of this Yog person always faces problems in everything what ever he may try to do he will face a problem in that.
Progress will be very slow in his life.

If you see a snake on top of a dead body this represents the sexual act of intercourse

Serpent –
To see a serpent in your dream indicates, shows intellectual power, deception, and the balance of good and evil.

To see a winged serpent in your dream indicates that you have come over all the negative, bad influences and you are becoming more and more positive.

Snake or Serpent both indicate about emotional storm in your life.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Apanatva March 21, 2011  

very interesting .
Its an amazing effort to cover so many subjects .
great blog.
Because of Vertigo I was away from this lovely blog world .
touched my laptop after Jan.
All the best and happy holi dear.

BK Chowla, March 21, 2011  

A very informative post. Thank you

Insignia March 21, 2011  

Wow so much info. Thanks for sharing sm. I remember commenting on your earlier post asking for information about snakes in dreams. Thanks for sharing

Shoaib March 21, 2011  

Cool info i thought its a dangerous thing to see snake in dreams.

Bikram March 21, 2011  

This is part 3 , i got to see other parts too what about a Horse or a Lion ..


chitra March 21, 2011  

I haven't read the earlier parts, shall do so. thanks for the info.

sm,  March 21, 2011  

welcome back

SM March 21, 2011  

BK Chowla,,

SM March 21, 2011  


SM March 21, 2011  

i will cover horse, lion.

Sandhya March 21, 2011  

So much information about snakes, interesting!

A few years back, I used to see a black cobra in my dreams and people said that I will get a lot of money! Some people asked me to go to Kukke Subhrahmanya temple near mangalore and we did that!

SM March 21, 2011  

Shoaib Ishrat,,

Amrit March 21, 2011  

Hey SM,

I read your post and the comments. I am sorry I completely disagree with you. I have never seen a snake in my entire life...and in turn I never had and unlikely to have a dream about snake..so how do you explain that.

People dream based on what they see and what is told to them....not other way round...Sorry.

sm,  March 21, 2011  

That’s good that you haven’t seen the snake in dream, this means you are successful or you know how to overcome problems, emotionally you are strong.

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 22, 2011  

SM, you are spreading superstition and non-medical info.
Sigmund Freud had already studied about dreams and has made his theories. But in 21st century India no psychologist dreams of following Sigmund Freud's theories.

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 22, 2011  

I like studying animals and follow my own stream of thoughts.

A snake is possibly the only animal which travels in a circular fashion. So if you dream snakes your concept about circles are clear.

A dog is probably the only animal which depends on man for food. It is fed by man or eats leftovers of him. So if you dream of dogs you love humans.

sm,  March 25, 2011  

in my first post itself i said this is for Fun.
thanks in every post i will mention this.

Usha April 20, 2011  

sm, Today I finished reading this post..very good information interpreting snakes in dream. I am so glad to read this post because I often see snakes in dream and makes me restless for few days. I keep thinking and also worry about reason of seeing snake in dream.
Last dream was four months back..I saw that I am cleaning home and walls are made of sand/mitti..as I cleaned one corner, I noticed hole and snake came out..I was scared..I don't wanted to harm the snake and snake don't wanted to leave the home..He was happily living in the home but I was under fear..He was cobra.Now I made some link about the dream based on your given info. :) you might have written for fun but I will read... make connections and feel eased about dream.Thanks for this post.

It is not only dream but there is something about seeing real snakes too.Not all people will encounter snakes. In Kerala if you encounter snake, it is suggested to offer eggs to snake God in temple. Above Sandhya mentioned Subramanya temple,it very powerful and jagrut temple. I have visited few years back.

Now some interesting coincidence, I had glanced your post when you had posted and after reading it I remembered one acquaintance who has survived Cobra bite. Last I met her was eight years back and she lives in same town but there was no contact at all...and other day she stands in front of me in Indian Grocery store..and I wondered what a coincidence?? :D

sm,  April 20, 2011  


Man from Modesto April 23, 2011  

I just posted on my dream blog about snakes in dreams. I reviewed a few other articles on the same... disappointing! Your post is leader of the pack on this one. Nice.

sm,  April 23, 2011  

i will visit your site to read article.

Avradita,  May 31, 2011  

Just had a dream of snake today early in the morning. i was in my room and suddenly a snake comes from somewhere starts chasing me and i start running around the room and then suddenly i see the snake below my bed and it raises its hood and spreads it, i come out of the room and again it starts gliding towards me.. though it does not bite or harm me it seems to follow me.. it was black in color and had white patches on it like big spots.. and i keep jumping from this side to that.. What does this mean..?? I have previously seen a snake dream long back do not remember.. i never do see snakes frequently in my dream.. can you please explain this dream of mine??


Anonymous,  June 01, 2011  

My dream was very disturbing. In my dream i was making love to my husband when he turned into a huge red and black snake and was wraped up tightly against me where i struggled to breathe. He contiued to penatrate me as i was struggling and attempting to fight him off. I woke in such fright but kept returning back to this nightmare. What could this all mean, help?

sm,  June 01, 2011  

I am not expert in this filed.
But clearly it shows that you are afraid of something in your life and you fear that thing.
Snake represents that may be in past something happened and you are afraid of that past.
In your dream you fear the snake.
This is also indication that your enemies the people who wish bad things for you will try to harm you So Be intelligent and take all the precautions.
Prevention is better than cure.
The analysis may be wrong or right.

sm,  June 01, 2011  

It shows the sexual fear which you are afraid of.
May be you got bad experience in childhood or after marriage.
This also represents that you need an emotional support.
Analysis may be wrong or right.

Anonymous,  June 10, 2011  

I often see reptiles in my dreams such as crabs,snakes and its most of the time when i am heading towards more important phase.This makes me feel a little cautious.

Janey August 23, 2011  

I googled Cobra dream interpretation and stumbled into this blog. I had a disturbing dream last night about seeing a cobra in our old house. The cobra was after me and following me around. I was frozen with fear. When I woke up, I was disoriented and didn't know where I am. I thought I was in our old house instead of my apartment.

Thanks for this post though. It helped.

sm August 23, 2011  

@JinJin thanks.

Moses Atocon December 08, 2011  

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Praise the lord , trust in the Lord is taking good care of you and your family. i have recently been going through a very testing time both mentally and spiritually and of course naturally i hit the cause of soul searching but in vain, some times i have got extremely disillusioned to the point of giving up everything.But some thing inside me always kept me trying , harder and harder.
However i have a very positive feeling that i have finally broken through because of a dream i had last night , with your guidance can you help pray for me and interpret this dream for me??

The dream goes like this; last night while sleeping in the deep of the night , i felt in my dream that i was in the presence of two women ,a mother and a daughter , but what was vivid in this dream was whenever i candidly disagreed with what these female were doing one turned itself into a snake , however i remained strong , courageous and steadfast the first time and rebuked it and this one was the mother who turned into a snake.

The second time it did happen i was in a company of another male person but i was down stairs and this male person was yelling to me snake, snake , snake while standing next to youngest of these two female, but confidently i reassured the man don't be afraid just tell the lady next to you ; you will slap her, if she does not chase that snake away or stop threatening , he obliged and told the lady so and the snake stopped its act and this time it was the smaller snake which i presume was the daughter.

Then finally from the other side of the balcony while i was watching the mother again turned into a big snake and black in co lour and started crawling to where the daughter and the male person i had in the dream was standing , how ever i took it upon my self that this was a bigger task than the boy could handle since this was a larger that usual snake i felt known to me and this boy was getting highly terrified of it moving towards him and the daughter who to my memory was smiling while the snake was inching towards them , however at this very time i woke up and it was close to 2:49 am in the night . Thereafter i embanked on a very long prayer against this evil for a long time till about 4:20 am in the morning when i finally stopped praying to the lord.

Then finally after going back to half sleep mode but conscious of myself my eyes closed but a half a sleep i had a vision of my self playing a fruit machine a game i am not a great fun of ; the most revealing thing from my first press on the button came the number 777 at this very time i realized i had won something big but i could not figure it out what it is? then thereafter i went back to sleep feeling very refreshed and relieved.

The question to you is what interpretation do i get spiritually out of this dream and vision??

I would be really excited to hear from you and may the good Lord bless you .

Kind regards.


Sherry Andrea April 10, 2012  

Wow! What an indepth list of meanings about the snake. That was helpful...especially about seeing little snakes. Thanks!

Li May 09, 2012  

It's really interesting. I didn't know these meanings.

toxic May 16, 2012  

Ive been dreaming about snakes for 3 consecutives days. Its a black long snake (cobra or anaconda) which is consistently attacking me but i don't fear them in my dreams. as a matter of fact i killed them by first capturing them in my hands and press until they suffocate and die. There was also a time wherein tehre was a long black snake like anaconda with a head like a man chasing me. I entered inside the house and close the window wait for my chance and killed it with a knife. I buried the knife into the throat until the head percolate..what does it mean? can you interpret my dreams? I am a bit anxious because its been 3 consecutive days that I am been dreaming about it..thanks

Anonymous,  May 18, 2012  


your dream is a good dream, it is an indication that you have enemies (snakes) who are intent on bringing you down but will be unable to. if the snakes had bitten you or strangled you then that would mean that your enemies would have succeeded in their attempts, but since you were able to kill them, it is a clear indication that you will be the victorious one. you may or may not know who these enemies might be in real life. think hard, it might even be someone very close to you that you would never have imagined like a best friend or girlfriend. dont ever doubt for one second how phony someone may be. betrayal comes in all flavors. good luck brother.

Anonymous,  May 31, 2012  

hi, I am dreaming about snakes from last continuous five days, but not the same thing. Different things are happening. One day I saw anaconda but it not harm me. second day two snakes going together....third and forth day I dont remember the exact things. but last night I saw a little black cobra sleeping I caught it and put that in a water bucket it wakeup and suddenly i afraid of that and start shouting" papa please save me it is a black cobra please save" and start running while saying this, it was also running behind me....at one moment I was just in front of my suddenly I wokeup with fear.........the time was around 5.45a.m. please tell me what does it mean?

Anonymous,  June 19, 2012  

Hi it was good to read this post , i had a dream where i was walking in my factory and i see these 2 or 3 huge snakes (cobras ) and i just look at them and am very calm because it is very common to see snakes in my factory , i want to know does this mean anything beacuse i was surely not afraid and exited to see them

Anonymous,  June 20, 2012  

I had a dream early in the morning today around 3 or 3.30 ...i had two snakes in my dream they came across the forests before me to my house they were lying in my house for rest as they were fasting...one among them was a female voiced snake which said they would not harm us because they were on fast they were friendly to my family...those were black cobra snakes ..i am scared of this dream because snakes in dreams signify something bad. i have lost my father last year and again black snakes in dreams i am so scared..what does this signify? even my dad was in my dream

CIBIL Consultant June 28, 2012  

Million thanks

Regards Anand

p,  July 04, 2012  

thats true becsuse i mostly have snake dream.

cool July 06, 2012  

how can somebody stop dreaming about snakes

permie August 06, 2012  

Perm ,Thanks very much.

Anonymous,  September 14, 2012  

In my dream I was sleeping and someone threw a big bundle of black and red small snakes in my face. What does than mean please anyone can help me

Unknown September 20, 2012  

i had a dream of so many snakes big and small, and later on some of it turned into ill...

Anonymous,  September 24, 2012  

I had a dream and in that dream there where many snakes and one I have a fear of snake but in that dream they where just sleeping weird what does my dream mean??

Anonymous,  November 14, 2012  

I had this dream and I cannot get this:
The snake came at the end of the dream..
I remember being in this weird parking lot , where the machine places your vehicle right above another vehichle with out them touching. As I was walking up, there was this very small hybrid looking car with a family of 4. They were of a European American Decent. I saw there doors open to the car as the machine was trying to get them down so they can take off. Mind you the cars are packed tightly and my red nissan sentra (my college car in my waking life) was right next to it but on the bottom row so I could move it without this parking machine (Very "The Jestsons" like) So the car swung my way and I just moved out of the way. The lady screamed "Are you ok" I said yes as I was still trying to direct them down.

This city or place I was in was extrememly HILLY! Like that of a San Fransico but it wasnt. I ended up at the bar/restaurant and remeber parking on a hill, where the front of my car was facing the bottom of the hill. I went in the bar/restaurant and saw a friend of mines and she was ready to go out, eat, drink and dance. Looks like she already started. She had on a white tuxedo jacket with the black lapel and I believe trying to get my approval on the attire. She proceeded to speak about her sister (which is also a good friend of mine) and she was at home getting ready. But she sent me some money. 37.00 or 27.00 to be exact, but I told her I didnt need it but she gave it to me anyway.

So I ended up at the Sisters house and asked why she gave me money. She said that after she parties tonight, she might not come home and she wanted me and my wife to be able to get in. So all of a sudden that money felt more like a key to the house. So I agreed to keep it for that reason. I also parked my car at her house on top of this big hill in the driveway, there was also a small tube tv and a chair outside. So after she went inside the house, I turned around and saw the largest albino snake I have ever saw in my entire life. It was 20x bigger than the snake in the movie "Anacanda". The snake was somewhat coiled but not totally because its body seems to be endless. When I noticed it, the first thing I thought was why didnt I see this when I got out of my car and I been sitting here all this time and didnt even see it. So when I noticed it, it took a dive in the ground and made a pathway from the lawn to the concrete on the drive way.Like it was running from me. It looked the the earth was splitting thats how big it was and the impact it created when it left, But I just stood there in shock waiting for it to come back or seeing if it would come back but I know I was scared, but as I was waiting I saw where the snake dived in on the lawn it began to clear up its self and even on the concrete. You can see the patchwork and you can see that it was automatically revitalizing itself. So then my wife walks out clueless of what just happend and said she wasnt keeping her hair the way that it was, and that she was using her friends hair piece (ponytail). Im assuming this is for our night on the town with the sisters...Any thought????

Anonymous,  December 20, 2012  

gud...i luv d information, am in nigeria South-East part (Igbo) where snakes are hard to be see in Aba Abia State. I keep seing snakes in my dreams.
In my dream 2day : i first saw a Big snake in our farm which was going its way under grasses and i was scared of it . Again i saw another black somehow big on a zigzag form lieing on a sandY ground and i was scared to kill it also.
I'll be glad 2 get ur intelligent interpretation.
Much thanks

Anonymous,  December 21, 2012  

daily in my dreams i can see snake.snake are biting me,dey r doing sex

chyna2992 December 26, 2012  

hi. i want to know a lil more about this. ill start out by saying im a pisces and my dreams are like watching a movie. in my dream i had i was watching two male batas swim in circles around each other but never touch each other. i hear some one and turn away for a min. and when i turn back to my fish i see two black snakes one black with bright gold dimonds on its back and the other black with blue circles down its back. they were eating pieces out of my fish. i killed the one with gold dimonds but the blue one had fell in the floor and was striking at my bare feet. then i woke up.
id like to know anyones enterpitation of my dream. you can email me the answer at madeferchy@gmail.com id like help cause now im freaked out.

Unknown!!! December 27, 2012  

I once dreamt..that I was a strong competitor to Rajnikanth :)..now can anyone beat me on that :)

Anonymous,  December 30, 2012  

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Unknown January 05, 2013  


hi sounds interesting your blog. but can i ask you a question? i had dreamed a lot of times bout snake biting me. but last night i dream the snake bitting me and after we kill the snake we cut it half and i thought it was dead but still alive and talk to me and we become friends later on. can you tell me whats the meaning of that dream???

best regards,

Play Angry-Bird Game January 07, 2013  

informative post
thanks for sharing

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria June 08, 2013  

Hi! I had a dream last night, i and my friends were in a jungle where two of us were chased by the snake, then i board a bus and went to my home. There also the snake came, my dad tried to close all the doors at my home to stop that snake come to me. Then the snake still came in, my mother threw that snake out of the house but the snake bite her. She is so strong that she dint felt any pain but a little blood was visible on her hand. Then the snake was back after sometime to bite me, me and my whole family prayed him to spare me, the snake turned suddenly became a woman and said i was doctor in my life, your mother took you to me when you were ill, she paid me only Rs. 2200 and i was expecting more, she took the tea offered by my family and sit quietly. Then the dream ended.

Anonymous,  July 08, 2013  

Hi ...
I had a dream last week,a black snake like anakonda or cobra(BLACK,shiny) coil around my neck.I cannot carry it because of its size and weight.I played with him feel happy ,it had a friendly relation with me.Soon i got awake at 2:00am.I google searched about this.
According to it someone in my relation is going to pass away.I didnot believe it.But one week after my dream my aunt passed away (today).Its terrible..So if anyone dream of Black Snake ,be aware.Have hard heart to face anything.

Unknown December 13, 2013  

I found snakes are conversating with me

Usha October 06, 2014  

I feel one should not get bothered with snake dreams...I always use to think about reasons of seeing snakes in the dream. Since last two month one black snake is living around my home..I had total 6 encounters...it is very scary...I have lost the joy of walking around home...with this real snake phobia...I feel dreams are far better.

Unknown December 30, 2015  

I saw a snake had killed people in my house but did not see the snake anywhere around what does this mean

srv9 April 12, 2016  

I need to tell you about a dream i had about a week ago....i saw that i was in my old school and there was some event or something, my old class mates and teachers were there....it was fun...the event came to an end and then i started to leave ....i didn't leave with the others...i took a different route towards the garage....when i reached the garage i saw a HUGE GIANT snake coiled around a tree trunk fast asleep...i thought i should just quietly slip by....i passed by it....the snake opened its eyes...inside that garage there were 3 other huge snakes...i mean anaconda(like in the movie) sized huge.....they started turning their heads towards me...i ran real fast and reached my scooty and bailed....Could you tell me what this dream meant....it has been bothering me since...GOsh now i hate giant man-eating snakes.

Lakshmi Narayana June 30, 2016  

Hi All,

A great article with a reliable information. Few points from my dream and life events:

1. Small /Very snakes like viper represent Rahu graha
2. Anakonda, Python and very big snakes represent Ketu
3. Cobra- I am still trying to find. Please let me know if someone knows which planet / Graha represents cobra.

Rosalee Monroe,  July 20, 2016  

I dreamed my little sister was feeding a baby black out of her hands and mouth. What could this possibly mean?

Unknown July 23, 2016  

I saw snake in dream last night who seating on Lord Siv head.And after some time that snake bite my Mother.

Story as below and please help to understand sign of my dream :

Me, Mom and sister coming from some comman know place.
Ek raste pe door ja ke Siv ji ka open sthapit murti hai jo ek thodi pani wala talab ke kinare taste pe hai.Just eske opposite kinare ke raste see hum log apne ghar ke aur àa rahe the. Jese he talab ke kinare ka rasta end karta hai to phir wahan se dusra rasta start hota hai jo chota sa pahar ke kirare ho kar jata hai aur es pahar pe Jagganath Madir bhi hai.

Maine dekha murti ke Sivke gale ka NAAG SUDDENLY halchal karne laga.

Phir door se humlog feeling karne lage ke snake hil raha hai. Siv ji ka door se dhyan karke humlog apne raste pe ja rahe the.

Phir jese pahar ke kinare ka rasta start hua suddenly humne dekha door se black long thik sanke humlogo ke taraf aa raha hai .
Aur jese close aa aya to dekha snake patla aur lamba hai aur phir color bhi ab black nahi hai.

Humlog dare hue the ,bas man he me Siv je ka dhyan kar rahe the.
Wo jese mere sister ke side se gujra to wo unhe pranam ke phir wo snake aage apne raste me badhte ja raha tha lekin wo mano humlog se ek foot distance me hoga.
Phir jese mere bagal se snake gaya to Maine bhi pranam kiya.

Phir meri Maa ke pas se gaya to Maa ne bhi pranam kiya lekin SNAKE ne Maa ke finger me muh mar diya.
Maine maa se poochha ke snake kata to nahi hai to phir Maa ne kaha ke snake kat liya hai.

Main quickly Maa ke finger ko choose laga. Phir Juldi se socha chalo Dr ke paas aur sab thik ho jayegà .

Phir just eske baad mujhe kuch yaad nahi. aur pata nahi uske baad kya hua.

Please suggest what is the interpretation this Dream.

Unknown September 13, 2016  

In my dream i see a snake trying to enter my house and my dead cousin appears to be chasing the snake and the snake disappears

babrik kalyan,  October 14, 2016  

if u see a dream of saving a big cobra...then what its mean ???

Unknown November 10, 2016  

i got a dream that i was being chased by a snake, and some old lady gave me powers and i got converted to a snake. (old lady said my forefathers are snakes). And the snake is chasing me and i am trying to escape and sometimes it bited me also, but i am not dead because i am in snake form. please tell me what does this dream mean?

Maria November 28, 2016  

Thanks for a very informative post. I had dream this morning and in my dream, i was walking on a path and met a snake, i was very scared and it suddenly jumped towards me and i fought and with closed eyes, grabbed it with my right arm. It got tangled and i didn't realized i got the head. So i tightened the grip until the head bursted but it's still trying to reach my hand to bite. Finally i was able to squashed the whole head and i got a small fang left slightly hanged in the skin of my palm and took it out. It was a less than a meter length and skinny snake but very colorful and vibrant.

Anonymous,  March 15, 2017  

Hey sm.
This post helped me a bit but what i saw was much different.

I my dream i saw too many sankes around me all of them were small except 1 which was much bigger then else.
I wasn't frightened from them. Maybe because i love to catch them in my real life. And observe them what do they do(i dont know if it has any relevance to the dreaming). There were in a fast flowing shallow water. Suddenly i grabbed the biggest one bare handed but as it was in water it slipped from my hand. I was feeling like i wanted to thank it for something after catching it. All of them were black and shiny one which was biggest thing of them was having thick tail like the one we see in our real life.
I don't know what this dream means. I'm curious and confused both. In Hinduism sankes in dream are considered as a 'pitru dev' (forefathers).

I'm sure u can help me with this one. I can't stop thinking about it Since I've seen it 2 weeks ago. Please help me.

This is my email id if you want to answer me trough mail.

Thank you.

Unknown May 18, 2017  

Thanks for this information :-) <3

Anonymous,  September 18, 2017  

I got a dream as a white snake with 5 heads opened chasing me on the road. I am much worried about that and doing this post.... What is the meaning of that???

Unknown September 26, 2017  

I saw a snake was irritated ties to bite my father in his foot but before that i killed him and saw my father is safe....all these happened on the terrace from i again saw an indian cobra boa and an anaconda sized black snake in my neighbours house and they also kept a very giant and old tortoise and in my dream i am aware that they have kept tortoise to protect themselves from snakes....i am very worried about killing the snake as in my real life i don't support such act...but killing a snake by myself is giving me very restless feeling....plzz help to find put the meaning of such kind as soon as possible


mandyam bhupathi December 26, 2017  

In dream i just killed a snake which is just sitting silently and after just i ran away.so this dream may bring good or bad